015: Comparison & Competition

“Think of it like Game of ThronesOh, look, that person has more power or influence than I do… great! I’ll just kill him.” ~Edwin Ruiz, on comparison & competition

Since comparing ourselves to others always makes us feel bad, WHY do we do it?!

This episode was inspired by my conversation in Episode 14 with travel blogger and creative entrepreneur, Beth Santos, founder & CEO of Wanderful and The Women in Travel Summit!

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…when we compare, we undermine the fact that each of us [is] on a unique journey and that—even though it looks like we’re sharing space in a world together—each and every one of us are only experiencing exactly what is helping us to evolve in the fastest amount of time. So, when we’re comparing, we are really abandoning our own journey and looking at what other people have to decide what’s missing from our lives.” ~Matt Kahn, author of Whatever Arises, Love That. 

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When do you find yourself spiraling into the “calamity of comparison”? How do you get OUT?

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Links from the episode:

Comparing Yourself to Others: It’s Not All Bad… article from the New York Times

Why Do We Hate and Judge Others... blog on Care2.com

Whatever Arises, Love That (Pt 2)… podcast interview with Matt Kahn on Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Global Ambassador program from Wanderful



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