023: Own Your Choices, Andrea Newberry, Leche Libre

“Fear is just a choice — fear of what other people think or fear of whether you can do it or not — it’s a choice.” ~Andrea Newberry

How can we “have it all” in life and business and what can we do when things get rough?

Fashion designer Andrea Newberry of Leche Libre is re-designing the power suit with her innovative line of urban chic breastfeeding apparel.


In this episode, we talk about:

*Why she started Leche Libre as a new mom even though she had NEVER designed clothing before!

*What it means to “have it all” as a woman who is a mom and a business owner

*What to do when things get tough

*How Andrea defines success in a way that may not be typical

*Why “just trying to get through” the challenges of life isn’t enough

*The importance of self-care, therapy, journaling and cycling

*How workaholism is an addictive behavior that it actually praised in our society, especially in entrepreneurial circles and what the alternative mentality might be

*How to respond to the impostor voice that says, “You’re not doing enough — you need to work harder!”

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“If you had told me five years ago that I’d be doing fashion, I’d have laughed in your face. I have no background in fashion!~Andrea Newberry

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“Everyone should look inside themselves and try to get in touch with their own inner strength and power, which when we zero in on that, it all of a sudden opens up choice.~Andrea Newberry


About Andrea

Photo by Christopher Dilts

Photo by Christopher Dilts

I’m Andrea, designer and founder of Leche Libre. I’m the mom of two awesome kiddos, Thora and Otto. When I had kids, I didn’t want to change my whole life around. I believe it’s possible and important to integrate our children into our interesting lifestyles. I’m starting Leche Libre to help breastfeeding women represent their own personal style.

“Look as powerful and confident as breastfeeding makes you feel.”

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