042: Come over and play

“There’s a very blurry line between making art and working when your art is your life and your passion is your art and your art becomes your business and your business is work… it’s a tricky cycle.” ~Andrea Klunder

Self-promotion & Play like Oil & Water? Maybe not…

When I was a kid, the other kids on the block would get frustrated because rather than just riding bikes together, I always wanted to creates some structure and do things like make them play traffic cop.

Not a lot has changed, in that even as an adult, I have a tendency to turn my creative passions into hard work.

But what happens when forces in your life, your community, your clients, and even your tarot cards conspire to get you out of your rut and just play?

Find out…

“At first I was like, “ugh, I have so much work to do this weekend, I don’t have time to screw around in the forest preserve, shooting slow motion video for what purpose I have no idea.”” ~Andrea Klunder

Resources & Links…

The Creative Impostor Magic page! Get a special gift from Andrea here.

Interview with Bree Noble on music, business and self-promotion, Episode 041

Interview with Jennifer Briney on Congressional Dish, Patreon, and asking for money from your listeners, Episode 039

Interview with Ruth Humphreys on storytelling, your inner child and play, Episode 043 coming soon!

Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – my muses for movement, music & myth

The Bhakti Caravan – the band I sing with

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“And I thought to myself yes these women totally get it. This is what podcasting CAN be all about — an extension of your creative expression and art to be able to reach new audiences and build community around that creative spark — and invitation for others to come over and play with you.” ~Andrea Klunder

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020: Edit your life, Sage Grayson

“You don’t need a makeover! If you make tiny tweaks to your life, what I like to call life edits, you can become the best version of yourself without having to destroy yourself.” ~Sage Grayson

In this episode, I talk with Life Editor & Productivity Coach Sage Grayson all about how to edit your habits, routines, and mindset to balance your happiness at work and home!

Life editing is a form of coaching that follows a specific step-by-step process for cleaning up your life, much like how a book editor would edit a manuscript.

Sometimes our lives can feel like a rough draft. Our days are jumbled, there doesn’t seem to be a flow, and we’re not living the story of our dreams that’s inside of us.

That’s where life editing comes in.


  • how to know when to make tiny edits and when to take a big leap
  • getting the most out of the “law of attraction” (hint: it’s not JUST about thinking nice thoughts)
  • authenticity, self-doubt and how to take imperfect action
  • how to know where to begin if you’re just getting started
  • what to do if you do a ton of different things in your creative work
  • how to fix what isn’t working, how to handle nasty critics, and how to celebrate success!

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Get more Sage!: SageGrayson.com

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“Well I do sit in my office and I meditate and I recite mantras and I focus on happy thoughts and I visualize BUT I know that to get what you want, you need action.” ~Sage Grayson


The Life Editor’s Toolkit – FREE resources from Sage!

Life Editor Weekend with Sage – (including a pajama party!) September 8-11, 2016 in Orlando, FL

Stratejoy – Sage’s coach

Create as Folk – Sage references her discussion on creating a “throughline” for the multi-passionate creative (Laura Simms)

“The Referral of a Lifetime” by Tim Templeton – Sage references this book for the “warm letter” technique of building your client list from the start

Creative Space Retreat to NOLA with Andrea! – March 2017

“Bloom where you are planted!” ~Sage Grayson


Sage Grayson

I’m Sage Grayson, a former book editor turned life coach.

I help ambitious career women edit their habits, routines, and mindsets to balance their happiness at work and home.

I’m a Life Editor…and so are you!

You can edit your life in a fun and organized way through my services:

I live in Orlando, Florida, with my husband, Chris, and dog, Skyla. I’m obsessed with magazines, tea, and Walt Disney World. Keep reading to find out more about my unique and somewhat quirky take on life coaching.

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019: Toolkit: Self-Compassion

“When we get stuck in ego, achievements and accomplishments — stuck in self-doubt — stuck in ‘not enough’ syndrome, we need only to remember who we really are… and let go of these attachments” ~Andrea

Did you hear the story of how the Buddha became the Buddha?

Well, before he was a Buddha, he was a Prince named Siddartha Guatama. Prince Siddartha grew up sheltered and protected within the walls of the palace because his father didn’t want him to know the pain of suffering and death. But one day as a young man, the prince ventured out into the world, curious to learn what existed beyond the palace walls. He found pain, suffering and death and so he vowed to discover a way to put an end to all this suffering and so began a long arduous quest for enlightenment.

He tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked.

One day, he chose a bodhi tree and declared that he would sit beneath this tree until he found the way.

As you can imagine, the God of the Underworld, Mara, didn’t really want an end to his reign so he devised a plan to seduce the Prince Siddartha out from under that tree. Mara sent his 3 most beautiful daughters (Lust, Fulfillment, and Regret) to appeal to the young prince’s desires.

It didn’t work. Prince Siddartha had already let go of attachment.

So then Mara decided to scare the prince out from under the tree. He sent a legion of monstrous demons

The spears and arrows fell to the ground and turned to lotus flower blossoms at his feet. Prince Siddartha had already let go of fear.

And then Mara got crafty. He went to the prince himself and whispered in his ear, “You’re supposed to be a prince and one day, a king. How could you abandon your duty to your people and be so self-centered? Pursuing this thing called “enlightenment” — how selfish! Who do you think you are anyway?”

And Prince Siddartha felt the pangs of self-doubt — the most difficult challenge of all!

He knew he couldn’t face it alone, so he reach out his hand and touched the earth beneath him. He called out to the Earth Goddess and asked her to bear witness to his right to be here.

In that moment, the Earth rose to affirm his presence, Mara bowed in defeat, and Siddartha received the gift of enlightenment. He became the Buddha.

So maybe you didn’t know this story about the Buddha, but maybe you’ve heard of Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly and most recently, Rising Strong.

Brene is best known for her two TED Talks on shame and vulnerability.

Okay… so what the heck to the Buddha and Brene Brown have in common?

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“‘The only unique contribution we will make in this world will be born out of creativity.” ~Brene Brown

The problem is that, according to Brene’s research, 85% of people are carrying shame around them and 50% of those people have shame wounds specifically around creativity.

The problem is that shame leads to self-doubt and when we are mired in self-doubt, it’s pretty hard to boldly share our true selves or make our creative work. So then what contribution can we possibly make?

Lucky for me, I am a very creative person. I’ve created blogs, businesses, meetup groups, nonprofit organizations, plays, films, stories, poetry (mostly bad), and THIS podcast!

In fact, I’m so good at creating, right now I’m creating an audio course on creating called How to Start (anything)!

So clearly, I don’t have to worry about self-doubt! Or do I…?

Links Galore

A creative impostor challenge for you!

Yoda Pumpkin


Ready to train yourself to be kinder to YOU?

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I be safe.
May I have ease.

Say these 4 phrases to yourself, out loud at first and then silently, as many times as you can whenever you can!


NOLA Jazz!


Our first Creative Space Travel Retreat to New Orleans is in the works! Get the inside scoop…


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin?

My How to Start e-course is designed to help you take those first few bold steps on your creative path no matter what! Truly, I’ve taken all the wisdom from my podcast guests, past teachers and a whole lot of experience with failure AND success. Coming soon — drop your email here for an invitation to join our next round!

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010: Ask your inner wise person, Ellen Katz

“So I learned how to love me better. And that’s the way out of hell. How do I love me better? Not through words, not through platitudes, but through action.” ~Ellen “Radha” Katz 

Ellen "Radha" Katz at the harmonium during Bhakti Caravan rehearsal

Ellen “Radha” Katz at the harmonium during Bhakti Caravan rehearsal

In this episode, I talk with psychotherapist and kirtan musician Ellen Katz about:

  • the roots of impostor syndrome,
  • how we connect with our “inner wise person”,
  • the importance of surrounding yourself with authentic teachers who can show you the way when you’re struggling,
  • integrating science, art and spirituality in a professional setting,
  • trusting yourself, loving yourself
  • and how Pocahontas helped Ellen through challenging times.

Ellen’s Websites: www.innerbalancenow.com & www.ellenkatz.net

Inner Balance on Facebook * Meetup

The Bhakti Caravan on Facebook

“When you’re at the crossroads, ask yourself, ‘Is this thing I’m doing life enhancing or life depleting?’” ~Ellen Katz

Ellen’s Resources to explore for support when you you need to re-engage your inner wise person:
The altar of spiritual guides and teachers at a Bhakti Caravan kirtan

The altar of spiritual guides and teachers at a Bhakti Caravan kirtan

Archetypes – Jesus, Buddha, Mary, ancestors, spirit guides, totem animals*

Spiritual TeachersAmma, Byron Katie, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield

*These are NOT exhaustive lists, just a place to begin!

Additional Links & Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Bhagavad Gita

“You’re not an impostor if you’re doing what you love.” ~Ellen Katz

Resources to help you make subtle, powerful shifts in your life & work:
Bhakti Caravan AmmaFrom Ellen: Amma.org
Ellen personally invites you to learn more about humanitarian, educator, cultural ambassador and her spiritual teacher, Amma. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, you can visit her ashram in Elburn.


From Andrea: How to Start 
This e-course designed to help you take those first few bold steps on your creative path no matter what!

Ellen KatzEllen Katz, MS, LMFT, Inner Balance 
Ellen has been in private practice as a psychotherapist in Palm Springs, California since 1983, and before that she worked as a music therapist in Ohio and California. She moved to Chicago in 2003, and currently practices both in Northbrook and downtown Chicago. Educated at the University of Michigan, UCLA and Vassar College, she received advanced training at Columbia University and California State University at Fullerton.

With undergraduate degrees in both Religious Studies and Ethnomusicology she has a foundation that extends far beyond traditional psychotherapy. In keeping with the contemporary wisdom for the treatment of addiction, Ellen has spent most of her career investigating how recovery, spirituality and creative expression are integrally related. Having taught in the past at California Baptist University, the University of Redlands and the College of the Desert, Ellen has recently joined the faculties at Common Ground and the Infinity Foundation, two leading non-profit organizations in the northern Chicago suburbs that specialize in providing provocative adult education for individuals who wish to continue college-level study without formally enrolling in a university structure.

Ellen’s specialties included all phases of addiction and co-addiction, as she consulted at the Betty Ford Center and co-produced the educational video, “When Helping Hurts: A Guide for the Codependent” with the Annenberg Center at Eisenhower Hospital, Rancho Mirage. Ellen’s interests grew to include the treatment of trauma, including sexual abuse, which then dovetailed with her interest in addiction, leading her to work with eating disorders, sexual addictions, love/fantasy addiction and other “process addictions.”

Ellen has been trained in Eriksonian hypnotherapy, and she is a certified practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution and the Lifeline Technique. Her other interests include reading, writing, hiking, independent films, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and playing music. She currently sings with a small ensemble in Chicago, and plays the piano, percussion and guitar for fun. Maintaining a small practice in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Ellen still commutes to the west coast every six to eight weeks.

That's ME & vocalist Karishma rehearsing with Radha for The Bhakti Caravan.

That’s ME & vocalist Karishma rehearsing with Radha for The Bhakti Caravan.

The Bhakti Caravan Kirtan Band
Kirtan, the spiritual practice of singing, chanting the Divine, began in India centuries ago. We are a group of individuals from the Chicagoland area mixing our vast diverse musical and spiritual backgrounds to bring forth an ever evolving eclectic sound combing rich vocals with tribal, blues, electronic, Indian & rock influences, dedicated to soul & spiritual expansion.

The music carries the beautiful Sanskrit Chants of many Ancient Deities and High Energy Mantras. When we play this music, it allows the listener to go within themselves and then travel out to many foreign lands, cultures, different time periods and immerse themselves with the sacred chants.

Many believe that chanting is one of the most powerful known ways to elevate your spirit and transform your energy from stuck to free, dense to open, or darkness to light. This is an inward journey where the music will work for you and take you to a state of incredible joy and mental clarity.

This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

Your voice matters.

I’ve spent the past two weeks without my voice.

It comes in fits and starts — raspy, breathy, squeaky or barely audible. Though for a good 4 days, I couldn’t make a peep.


Every singer’s nightmare.

It used to happen to me a lot when I was in high school. My friends would tease me jovially saying, “Andrea, do your Joan Rivers voice!”

In college, it was less funny because for a while I was studying classical voice and losing your voice could mean missing a critical audition or failing a midterm.

What it looks like to teach a yoga class with no voice.Here’s what it means to me today.

95% of my fledgling business and the work I do that make up my livelihood rely upon my voice.

Imagine, if you will, a yoga class that I taught completely silently with a lovely meditative playlist in the background, poster-size flash cards, physical demonstration of each asana (pose) and a meditation bell to signal when it’s time to look up for the next poster.

Networking with Post-Its!

Networking with Post-Its!

Or a women’s forum and networking event where I happily sat in a booth and listened to the speakers but when it came time to mingle, I had only a stack of post-it notes, a pen and a smile. I even ordered water with no ice from the bar on a post-it!

Or the look on a 5-year-old camper’s face when she asked me a question and I had to squeak out that I lost my voice. She told me I was faking! Five minutes later, she reconsidered and asked with concern, “Did you really lose it? Where did it go?”

So I’ve been drinking herbal remedies by the gallon, steaming my face with eucalyptus, self-prescribing vocal rest and pouting a little… because, well, I feel limited.

It’s easy to slip into “oh-woe-is-me” mode or throw my hands up and say, “well it’s not my fault things have come to a grinding halt — I can’t speak!”

But that’s not useful.

What IS useful is to take advantage of this opportunity to pause, get quiet (ha!) and check what’s happening in and around me… to take stock. Like an obligatory silent meditation retreat!

Two days before I came down with the cold that spiraled into this voiceless state of being, I recorded a pre-season podcast episode of The Creative Impostor and talked about a spring cleaning of sorts I was doing in my professional life.

I had valiantly decided to pare down some of the services I’m offering in an effort to bring more focus and clarity to my personal brand (always a struggle for me because I like to dip my fingers in sooooo many different pots!)

The ultimate decision was that everything would center largely around my voice and supporting my clients, students and community in discovering and nurturing their own creative voices. I’m even designing a new training with the working title Reveal Your True Voice: an exploration of sound, mantra, and vocal confidence.

I felt FANTASTIC about that decision, my UVP (unique value proposition, or uniquely vibrant point of view) felt clear, strong and true. And then THIS.

My mind fluttered around from theory to theory and rationalization to rationalization.

Of course this would happen. Every time I try something new, it never works!

Maybe I’ve made a mistake and need to reconsider my direction.

It’s just a reminder to slow down and take better care of myself.

Perhaps the universe is testing my resolve to see how much I believe in this purpose.

Purely coincidence, there’s no lesson here. It sucks, just wait it out.

Who am I without my voice?

Oh God, what if this is it and my voice NEVER comes back?!

It got to the point where my boyfriend said he kept thinking I was mad at him because I wouldn’t talk and that he missed the sound of my voice.

Besides being super sweet, it made me realize how much of how people perceive us is dependent upon our voice. There is a lot of focus in our society right now on content, the WHAT of the conversation. But maybe what’s more important is even just the sound of our voice, HOW things are being said.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of podcasting. As I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts at this point, I’ve realized that the ones I come back to time and again are the ones with the best combination of engaging content and superb audio quality including the sound of the host’s voice. 

There are voices I can fall asleep to and voices that energize me, voices that soothe and voices that inspire. And then there are voices that irritate me so much, I’m hard pressed to tune in again even if I really want to know what they have to say.

So I guess that’s the point.

Your voice matters.

My voice matters.

And that’s really all I have to say.

Podcast PreSeason 004: Podcast Therapy & a Mantra for You

Listening to podcasts is like therapy for me and I recommend it for you to!

Listen to this episode now…

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Where I teach Kids Yoga: Little Beans Cafe & Playspace, Chicago
Definitely have an 8-week session happening September/October 2015 — check their class & events schedule for more.

My Kirtan Band: The Bhakti Caravan

Here’s the podcast & mantra that’s running through my mind, a gift for you…


Suddhosi Buddhosi niranjanosi
samsara maya parivarjitosi
samsara svapnam tyaja moha nidra
Nanjama mrityor
Tat sat swaroopay
You are forever pure
You are forever true
And the dreams of this world
Can never touch you
So give up your attachments
And give up your confusions
And fly to that space that’s
Beyond all illusions . . .

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