Creative Collective Studio Membership

You don’t have to do this alone!

For a limited time, I am now offering 2018 Studio Memberships for The Creative Impostor (online only) and the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective (in Chicago with an online element.)

Below, find 4 different memberships and choose the best fit for you! Need guidance? Scroll to the bottom for my recommendations.

Images may take a moment to load. If you are having trouble, click to my shop on Gumroad to view each of the 4 memberships.

How to Choose???

1) If you are NOT in Chicago (or you’re in the burbs and can’t get into the city monthly OR you’re rarely available on Sundays), choose The Creative Impostor Global Collective | Studio Membership (10 online video calls.)

2) If you ARE in Chicago, and you have a particular project, vision, work, idea you’d love to have the time, focus and accountability to move forward or even complete AND you love getting a sneak peek into the creative process of other artists in a variety of media, choose Artist Salon | CWCC Studio Membership (5 in-person salons in an art gallery + 5 online video calls.)

3) If you ARE in Chicago, you love having Sunday brunch plans, and you just want to get inspired with new ideas, plus maybe have an opportunity to speak on a particular topic related to the creative, productive work & lifestyle, choose the Idea Brunch | CWCC Studio Membership (5 in-person brunches + 5 online video calls.)

4) If you ARE in Chicago, and you want the highest level of creative connectedness — opportunities to get inspired, cultivate new ideas, share your expertise, test new concepts, get some accountability, have a platform to explore work-in-process, choose Salon + Brunch All-Access | CWCC Studio Membership (10 in-person events — 5 brunches, 5 salons — + 10 online video calls.)