Meditation & Yoga On Demand

A healthy, strong, flexible body & mind is essential for maximizing your creative impact.

LiveMind Meditation:
Mindspace for the Workplace

Give your employees and community members a mental refresh on-the-job! 

Contact me to inquire about specialty workshops and ongoing training in person in Chicago or online.

Options include:

  • Breathing and meditation for energy, clarity & focus
  • Aromatherapy for stress relief, anxiety reduction & mood enhancement
  • Office Yoga — no need for lycra — this is yoga you can do anywhere!

Online Yoga & Meditation Instruction

I offer downloadable audio instruction and guidance for yoga and meditation sessions accessible for all levels of experience so you can practice anytime, anywhere!

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The Creative Impostor VIP MAGIC!


How to Start (anything)

Drop your email for this 21-day audio course I made to help you say "buh-bye" to that impostor voice in your head that threatens to hold you back from that Super Special Amazing Thing you want to start.

Can't wait to see what you're ready to create! ~Andrea

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