Get the support you need so you can focus on what you do best.

How can you make your podcast stand out?
How can you find the time to consistently produce the quality and quantity of shows your vision is calling for?
And what on earth are leveling and compression anyway?

It helps to have a team!

I want to partner with you to amplify your voice, elevate your message and promote your guests’ wisdom in the highest light.

The Creative Impostor team works together to handcraft each of your podcast episodes and deliver them, like a gift, to your listening audience.

Each of us has the skills of a technician with the heart of an artist, so not only will your show sound good, it’ll feel good too.

  • Show Management

    ID3 tags, Converting to .mp3, Uploading to Dropbox, Libysn, your website, embedding media players, scheduling “On Publish” posts for new episodes to your desired social media sites via Libysn — all the boring but necessary details!
  • Voice & Story Coaching

    This is my FAVORITE part! Whether your primary goal is to build a brand, nurture a community or define who YOU are, we can take a journey together using vocal technique, story structure, journal prompts, market research and a dash of “woo-woo” (meditation, tarot, essential oils, etc.) to discover the essence of the gift you have to share with the world and learn to craft it in an authentic, engaging way so you can blow that creative impostor voice a kiss from way across the room.
  • Show Notes

    Custom blog post and/or podcast app description with keywords and links for each episode (supporting WordPress, Squarespace, and the Libsyn podcast page that comes with your hosting account.)
  • Engineering

    Our Audio Engineer, Edwin Ruiz, is a master at making our shows sound like they were recorded in a studio. He takes care of: - noise removal (you know that steady background hum on your guest’s track) - leveling (making sure your intro/body/outro all sound consistent AND you and your guest are at a similar volume) - compression & equalization (this is the secret sauce that helps our voices sound so dreamy) And because you can only do sooooo much in the editing software, of course, we’ll coach you to make sure you are delivering the optimum quality of raw audio tracks (microphone placement, vocal technique, best practices, sound dampening in your recording space, etc.)
  • Editing

    Interview feels too long and rambling? We’ll make recommendations on the absolute best parts of your interview and what we can set aside because it only gets in the way of delivering the best value for your listeners. Umms, ahhhs, lip smacks, long pauses — too much of that can be distracting and downgrade the listening experience of your show. Paradoxically, removing those will make your episode sound MORE natural. Unexpected interruptions — delivery at the front door, Skype dropped the call, coughing fit in the middle of your episode — gone! Stitching together all the pieces that make up your episode: intro, theme music, content, outro, maybe sponsorships and pre-roll — We’ll make it all sound smooth.

Meet the Team

  • Andrea Klunder

    Andrea Klunder

    Producer, Editor, Creative Director
  • Edwin R. Ruiz

    Edwin R. Ruiz

    Technical Director & Audio Engineer
  • Maddie Shewchuk

    Maddie Shewchuk

    Associate Editor
  • Lisa Widder

    Lisa Widder

    Show Notes Writer
  • Stephanie Breese

    Stephanie Breese

    Editing Apprentice

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