Podcast Envy VIP Circle

Welcome VIP
(very important podcaster!)

I’m creating this space for you. Are you ready to create with me?

My vision is to create an anxiety-free, inviting, supportive space for interaction, collaboration, and forward momentum for those of us who want to use podcasting to shift culture, make a positive impact, and support our own creative, mission-driven self-expression. 

Does that sound like YOU?

I’m looking for you IF…

  • you are wanting to connect with other podcasters in a constructive, supportive way
  • you are happily podcasting along but feel like there’s something you’re missing
  • you want to define success your own way and be part of a culture that aligns with that vision

The nuts and bolts will largely be determined by YOU because I believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to podcasting.

And of course, you’re not just getting me — but a whole micro-community of podcasters behind you!

How it works

Circle membership will be by invitation only for the first 5 members based on this application.

I ask for a 3-month minimum commitment and your willingness to show up for yourself and your colleagues in this space as we build our community together.

For the Circle, we’ll decide together where to put our focus. Examples may include:

  • Growing your community
  • Improving your sound 
  • Voice & vocal delivery training
  • Working through burnout, boredom & overwhelm
  • Taking on sponsors, affiliates & strategic partners
  • Speaking & mentoring
  • Email opt-ins and list building
  • Industry trends & growth opportunities
  • Guesting on other podcasts
  • Social media & outreach diversification
  • Niching your message

What you’ll get

  • Exclusive podcast feed with strategic content requested by you
  • Monthly video/audio interactive master class via Zoom meeting (or Google Hangouts)
  • Quarterly private big picture pod-dreaming call with me
  • Support from a curated group of podcasting colleagues (platform TBD — possibly secret Facebook Group)
  • Opportunities to feature your show on Podcast Envy


First 5 founding members (limited time offer) will be $29/month.

The next tier rate for future members will likely be at least $49-79/month but you will be locked in at your original founding rate as long as you want to continue.

What happens next?

Apply to be a Founding Member! I’ve got about 20 questions about you and your show. If you are selected, I’ll be in touch in the next few weeks.

You will not be asked for payment until after I have selected your application and we are ready to begin (late summer 2019!) 

Limited spots are available so don’t wait.

I can’t wait to hear more about the show you’re creating!!!

Peace, Love & Podcasting,


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