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– Clients & Collaborators Say –

  • "Andrea is such an amazing podcaster and coach for podcasters of all kinds. I learned so much from just being in her presence! I had a blast talking about the inception of The Embody Podcast and how I adapt in response to the world, what my intentions are, and what can come up."

    Candice Wu
  • Candice Wu

    "I worked with Andrea on the launch of my podcast, Distribution Talk. I truly had no idea what I was doing. This is where Andrea really shines. She has guided me every step of the way and I am well on my way to a high quality show. The little things have blown me, and my sponsors, away. Her creativity has added so much to the production value of the project. If you are looking to produce a high quality audio project, podcast or otherwise, I highly recommend Andrea and the team at The Creative Impostor Studios. "

    Jason Bader

As a Craft & Culture Member:

You don’t have to podcast alone.

Benefit 1:  tell me more.

Benefit 1:  tell me more.

Benefit 1:  tell me more.

You can totally make your show on your own, but you don’t have to podcast alone.

– Meet Your Podcast Boss –

  • Andrea Klunder

    Andrea Klunder

    Your Podcast Boss

    Andrea Klunder, producer, coach, and consultant at The Creative Impostor Studios, works with organizations, companies, and leaders who want to use audio content to tell stories, create movements, and change culture.

    She calls upon her myriad experiences as a singer, actor, director, business owner, yoga and meditation teacher to produce and edit podcasts for social impact organizations and entrepreneurs. Andrea has developed podcasts with the Santa Fe Opera, Institute for Justice, Chicago Reader, Hirewell, the NARM Training Institute, and more. She has been a featured speaker and trainer for Podcast Movement, Podfest, She Podcasts Live, the University of Florida, The Wing, Next Door Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, and many, many podcasts.

    Andrea believes in the power of podcasting to immerse your followers in an authentic brand experience through engaging, entertaining, and educational audio media. Her mission is to help your voice to shine!