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12419107_10154275138116874_6022965131576348694_oAre you tired of your News Feed making you feel bored or even kinda crappy? Get inspired by other mindful creatives and be connected to a global community of artists, healers, entrepreneurs, writers, media mavens and more.

Because YOU are not an impostor and WE are here to support you in doing your best creative work and being your most authentic self!

Use the group to share about and invite us to your upcoming events, publications, successes, online freebies, etc (of course in an open, non-spammy way!)

Chicago Women’s Creative Collective on

Maybe you write, sing, dance, act, make films, bake cakes, teach workshops, paint, sculpt, take photos, knit, build things, design, volunteer for amazing organizations… whatever the format you use your wild feminine energy to create.

Women thrive amongst other strong, creative, compassionate women. You don’t have to do this alone.

The CWCC was founded in 2012 as a small group of multidisciplinary artists who wanted to test drive our work with women from diverse perspectives (i.e. not just other writers reading what we write or artists critiquing each other’s paintings…) We create a forum for creative expression as an extension of who we are, making art within the context of community, and having a social network for fun WHILE amplifying and elevating our work!

We host Co-Working sessions around Chicago to get out of your home studio and stay focused; Idea Brunches to explore the topics that matter most to us; and Artists’ Salons (formerly Work-In-Process Gallery) to showcase our works-in-process and inspire the confidence and clarity to just keep creating.

So join our group, come to weekly co-working sessions around the city, monthly brunch & learns, specialty workshops and more.

Membership is open to all women who want to express their voice & share their talents and support others in doing the same. There is a small monthly membership fee of $3 to attend events. You get at 30-day free trial with all access to sample a variety of events and meet our members!

Join the Creative Collective Meetup now! 

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How to Start (anything)

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Can't wait to see what you're ready to create! ~Andrea

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