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Master the Podcast Interview

from both sides of the conversation

Not just a casual conversation...

Learn to leverage your podcast for connection, trust, and social impact.

You're creating your own interview-based podcast. What will make YOUR interviews stand out? How do you book your guests? How do you record when you're not in the same room? What do you ask? And how can YOU be an outstanding guest on other people's shows?

Get my top 10 tips for podcast interviews from both sides of the conversation.

Andrea Klunder is the Producer & Host of Podcast Envy and The Creative Impostor Podcast. In 2017, she launched Power Your Story, a high school mentoring program and podcast produced by students with diverse learning challenges in Chicago and in 2018, became the Producer & Editor of Key Change, a podcast by The Santa Fe Opera and Opera for All Voices.

Andrea believes in the power of podcasting to develop an intimate connection with your listeners, build loyal community, and immerse your followers in an authentic brand experience through engaging, entertaining, and educational audio media.

Andrea has been a featured speaker and trainer for Podcast Movement, Next Door Chicago, Singularity Storytelling Summit, Nikki Nigl’s About Women, Chicago Public Schools, and many, many podcasts!

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Master the Podcast Interview