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5 Ways to Expand Your Reach With Podcasting

And no, you don't necessarily need your own (though you may end up wanting one)

Podcasting amplifies your voice

So you can build your community, elevate your platform, share your message and more!

Podcasting is all the rage right now with gurus and experts telling you it's the next big thing in marketing and brand recognition. But how do you know if launching your own show is right for you?

In this training, we'll explore 5 creative strategies to use this dynamic medium to help you expand your reach, build your brand and get visibility.

HINT: only ONE of the five is starting your own show!

Andrea Klunder is the producer & host of The Creative Impostor, as well as producer & mentor of the teen-produced Power Your Story podcast. Andrea helps creative professionals (and closet creatives) develop truth in expression by uncovering clarity around your vision and finding confidence in your voice.

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