025: Community Online & Off, Social Media Anxiety (and how to cure it)

“…being creative all by yourself really just doesn’t work. It doesn’t! I mean, who are you creating for? If you’re writing, it’s meant to be read. If you’re playing music, it’s meant to be heard. If you’re taking photographs, they’re meant to be seen. If you’re creating a business, it’s meant to serve… someone.” ~Andrea Klunder

OH! ITS BEEN TOO LONG since our last episode.

September FLEW by but never fear, that can only mean that a LOT has been happening over here…  I started two new jobs, one of which is teaching podcasting & digital journalism to special needs high schoolers here in Chicago and THAT has been a huge challenge to wrap my creative brain around.

Find out how that’s going AND how to join our creative community for support in your visions, dreams, projects and lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:






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“What DOES help is reminding myself that I do have something that I’m passionate about and that people have told me I’m good at.~Lauren Ramsey, Betsy Bash

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Lauren Ramsey, CEO & Founder, Betsy Bash

Lauren Ramsey is a Social Story Teller. Throughout her life, she has lived in five countries and visited thirty countries across four continents. At a young age, she not only knew how to adapt to new environments, cultures and ways of life, but she did not see it as anything other than normal. Throughout her life and career, this unique skill set has complimented her analytical mind and helped her to adapt to new teams, understand problems from a different point of view and find new ways to tackle and solve any problem.

Lauren graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX with a double major in Managment Information Systems and Business. In high school, her passion for technology led her to sign up for HTML and C++ courses, and her passion for story-telling compelled her to write a journal of her High School memories complete with trinkets, mementos, and photos that she passed around each week to her friends to help them re-live and remember their times together. You could say, it was her first blog, before blogs even existed. In her college years, she studied business, finance, marketing, and management as well as software design, data analysis, and coding. After graduating from college, she worked full time in IT Project Managment and part-time at Radio Disney. She has managed million dollar projects as well as learned branding and promotions from the best in the business.

Lauren has built a career around celebrating the creativity of others, while also measuring and analyzing the success of their creative pursuits, and being flexible enough to chase different answers if the current plan isn’t working. On a daily basis, she can be found creating social media strategies and posts for her clients at Betsy Bash, and content strategy, articles and podcast episodes for LaurenIgnited.com, an online magazine for music, food, travel and culture enthusiasts.

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007: Money

“The purpose of being in business for myself is not just to make money, but to be a conduit through which money can be channeled as the energy needed to create beautiful things, to facilitate art, and to champion innovate expression and exploration that expands our collective consciousness.” ~A message from the universe for Andrea Klunder

It turns out money is a HUGE trigger for me of impostor-y feelings.

This episode is inspired by my conversation with Alee Reina Hoffman in Episode #6. 

Check out Alee’s website The Soul Channel Report here.


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“In order to own the success, wealth and abundance that is mine to claim, I also have to own my mistakes, failures and the choices, beliefs and emotions that got me into this pattern in the first place.” ~Andrea Klunder

During my conversation with Alee in episode 6, she defined a “soul innovator” as someone who is here in life, to clear away old energetic patterns and belief systems that are not serving your highest purpose — patterns that you grew up with, or that exist in your ancestry, or if you believe in the possibility of past lives… the evolution of your soul throughout those lifetimes.

As I’ve been creating content and doing interviews for this podcast, the question has come to my mind:

“Is impostor syndrome necessarily a BAD thing, to be overcome or eradicated or ignored? Or is it valid? Useful in some way… pointing us toward something critical in our growth as creative beings? And if so, HOW is it useful?”

So I started to dig into the roots of my own impostor feelings. When does it bubble up? What are the triggers? How does it hold me back?

Money, it turns out, is a HUGE trigger for me.

Money issues hit me right in the gut of my own self-worth and confidence. Of course intellectually, I do not equate my self-worth with how much money I earn, and swimming through my own personal money bin like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales has never been my primary motivation for most of what I do in my life. Nor, do I inherently believe, on the flip side, that money is the root of all evil… but there is a visceral response that happens, right in my solar plexus, when I feel challenged or threatened financially.

If you’ve ever found yourself tight on money, maybe you know this feeling when…

  • you go out to dinner with friends and just order an appetizer (though you’re really hungry) because the entrees are higher than your budget,
  • you avoid opening that one envelope in the mail because you know it contains a bill you just can’t pay right now,
  • you move out of your apartment and sleep inside your storefront business because you are short on rent,
  • you realize you cannot qualify for a program, a loan, a lease, etc because of bankruptcy, eviction or foreclosure,
  • you have to explain to your family why you cannot pay back the money you borrowed from them right now,
  • you get sick or injured and the first thought that flashes through your mind is whether you can afford to go to the emergency room,
  • you find yourself applying for government assistance for food and/or health care and wondering just how you go to this point and whether you have any right to ask for it,
  • you are considering taking on yet another part-time job when you’re already working more than 40 hours/ week just to make ends meet.

I will confess to you right now, that I have experienced all of these scenarios in the last 7 years, since I left my full-time nonprofit job to foray into small business ownership, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

And the kicker, the time that it really cuts the most, is when other people, who cannot see into my bank account (and thankfully cannot see into my mind), introduce me as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, or ask me for advice starting a business.

OR when I procrastinate creating a product or service that will help YOU to be inspired to take a risk and put your creative idea/work/project into the world, to go for your dream, because the impostor voice in my head says, “Who do you think you are to be encouraging other people to take risks… you certainly haven’t figured out how to be successful yet!”

So how do we define success, financial health? Can we view taking care of money as a form of self-care?

Listen to this episode to find out!

 Fave Money Resources:

The Prosperity Show with Joan Sotkin – Website & Podcast

Financial Recovery by Karen McCall

So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi

The Get Paid Podcast with Claire Pelletreau

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin?

My How to Start e-course is designed to help you take those first few bold steps on your creative path no matter what! Truly, I’ve taken all the wisdom from my podcast guests, past teachers and a whole lot of experience with failure AND success.

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Podcast PreSeason 005: Surviving One Impostor Moment with Corporate Meditation

I had a HUGE impostor moment today preparing to teach meditation to a new corporate client and it was all over… well… what to WEAR!

Hear how I worked it out here…

Companies are getting hip to meditation and mindfulness training to increase productivity, health, engagement, and happiness for their employees… slowly but surely.

Some quotes from fancy business people…


“Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.”

~Arianna Huffington, President & Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

“Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy — physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually — requires refueling it intermittently.”

~Tony Schwartz, Founder & CEO, The Energy Project

“It’s almost like a reboot for your brain and your soul… It makes me so much calmer when I’m responding to e-mails later.”

~Padmasree Warrior, CTO, Cisco Systems

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had… Meditation has given me centeredness and creativity. t’s also given me peace and health.”

~Ray Dalio, Founder & Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates USA

“No creativity will ever happen in the future or the past, only in the present. It’s a jolt that takes you off guard and takes away the future and past… I’ve been starting companies, rehabilitating brands and promoting artists for over 30 years now and I can promise you that no tool has made me a smarter, more focused and clearer thinking entrepreneur than meditation.”

~Russell Simmons, Co-Founder, Def Jam Records; Founder ofGlobalGrind.com; Creator of the Meditation Made Simple app for iOS

“I walked away feeling fuller than when I’d come in. Full of hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy. Knowing for sure that even in the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction, there is — still — the constancy of stillness. Only from that space can you create your best work and your best life.”

~Oprah Winfrey, Chairwoman & CEO, Harpo Productions, Inc.

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I’m launching a podcast! Impostor Syndrome strikes again…

“I’m launching a podcast.”

I’ve been saying it for months… researching technology and strategy; watching online trainings; devouring other podcasts to study what works, what doesn’t, what formats I prefer… (*for a cheat sheet of MY favorite podcasts, scroll down to the bottom of this post!)

Podcast Kitchen Edit SmallI have all the equipment and software. There really isn’t much you need, but a quality microphone is key!

I’ve defined my avatar (thank you John Lee Dumas for this tip), a person I’ve created who is my ideal listener, someone for whom I custom design everything about the podcast, and make all my decisions to delight.

I’ve made lists of topic ideas and potential interview guests.

Now all I need is an editorial calendar, an RSS feed, cover art, theme music, a few episodes in the can… and I’m ready to roll!

So what’s the hesitation?

The advice I’ve heard from other podcasters and friends is:

If you want to be, do.

Don’t worry about all the details, just record the podcast and publish.

If we could just find a way to monetize all that knowledge that’s in your head, we’d be great!

But this week my Inner Critic made a big time appearance as well:

Who’s going to listen to your podcast?

But you’ve tried so many other business models and projects and failed… do you want me to list them?

You need money now. Podcasting’s not the answer. Just go get a real job. I bet you’ll find something on Craigslist.

And to make matters worse, it’s totally gray and rainy out today! That just makes me want to curl up on the futon with a cup of steamy black tea, my purring kitty and an inspiring personal development book that will tell me how amazing and smart and powerful I am.

Well… okay.

On one podcast of which I’ve been devouring old episodes, Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, talks about her inner critic, which she calls her Censor and whom she has named Nigel. It is hilarious and insightful — just listen to it!

But I do feel that people who set out to be creative tend to have wells of doubt… I would say, “You’re going to feel the fear, and you’re going to need to go forward anyway.”

…You start to write, and your Censor says, “Oh, you’re so petty!” You say to your Censor, “Thank you for sharing,” and you keep right on writing. You [are], in effect, training your Censor to stand to one side while you create.

I think it’s a good idea to name your Censor, because it begins to make your Censor into a cartoon character, somebody that you can grapple with, instead of the voice of doom from on high that’s condemning you. Your Censor becomes somewhat humorous. Nigel—I don’t remember how I got the name, Nigel. I think it just sort of came to me. I think of him as a gay, British designer, a very, very haughty queen who has his esthetics, and mine will never measure up.

I think when people come to study with me, very often they are perfectionists who are unable to let themselves move forward. They have what they think of as high standards, and they are going to hang on to them or be damned. But by the time they get to week eight out of twelve, they have been dismantling their perfectionist with Morning Pages, because there’s no wrong way to do Morning Pages… There begins to be a degree of self-acceptance, and when there’s enough self-acceptance, there begins to be permission to do something, even if it’s flawed.

…Name your Censor. Cartoon your Censor! Give your Censor a run for his money by saying simply, ‘Thank you for sharing.’

AND as Marie Forleo says in her recent video blog

Change the station on KRAP Radio! That mean voice in your head is not you and not true!

Andrea Podcast EditSo that’s it. Fiona can push $9/hour part-time jobs and previous failures in my face all day long. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to do my Morning Pages (if you want to know how to do either of those thinks, consider my Meditation for Creatives course or just ask!)

I’m launching a podcast. Hold me accountable.

AND I want to hear from YOU! Tell me your stories of your Inner Critic or Censor and how you’re learning to work with, through, around…