Podcast PreSeason 006: Audio Editing, Self-Compassion & Fresh Squeezed Lemonade on a Hot Day

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In this episode, I talk about:

Podcast Tech & Recording Process


Captain’s Log: Episode 001 of the PreSeason Podcast

Yes, The Creative Impostor Podcast PRE-season launches NOW!
What the heck is a podcast pre-season?

Well, I am in the process of editing the 8 interviews I have already recorded for The Creative Impostor podcast, and learning how to set up my RSS feed in Libsyn (where the audio files will be stored) and then properly tag it to submit to iTunes and then wait for approval to be “official.”

I am finding this to take much longer than I originally anticipated. And I am finding myself getting stuck in perfectionist tendencies, lack of accountability and distraction (there’s always one more load of laundry, a sink full of dishes, a kitty to snuggle with, a dinner to prepare, a festival to attend…)

So as I was doing some walking meditation this week, I came up with the idea of a PreSeason Podcast, hosted on SoundCloud (which I already know how to use and do not need to wait for approval or deal with RSS feeds…), which consists of a DAILY audio blog with me… unscripted, unedited, totally authentic!

I spent my 4th of July holiday recording my first episode (the easy part) on an outdoor patio while cat-sitting and then uploading, linking, writing descriptions, embedding, re-learning how to use Instagram and Tumblr, creating an opt-in on this site for you to subscribe and writing this blog post (the part that took many hours.)

My outdoor recording studio and co-host Gracie for episode 001 CI PreSeason Podcast: www.thecreativeimpostor.com/podcast

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It’s a behind-the-scenes view into what it takes to launch a podcast. So many people have told me recently they want to launch their own podcast, or are curious about how to start. There’s plenty of resources, trainings, tutorials, etc out their on the web (my faves include Pat Flynn’s, John Lee Dumas’s, and the She Podcasts community with Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman.) What I want to offer is a real-life account of the days leading up to launch, no matter how messy that may get, so that you can learn right along side me and maybe even get inspired to take the mic yourself!

I listened to a great interview by Nathan Chan with one of my favorite people, Seth Godin, in which he said two things that really stuck with me:

1) The people who aren’t grabbing the microphone are hiding.

He summed up beautifully the way I feel that is part of the whole purpose behind The Creative Impostor, which is that EVERYONE has something inside you — a talent, a skill, an idea, an insight, a generosity — that would make the world better if you shared it.  NOW, more than ever, is the time where it’s possible to have a voice and a platform, and the time when it is needed, more than ever, to cut through all the static of useless noise that’s out there.

2) Blog every day.

Even if no one reads it or you publish under a pen name, write something every day. Get in the habit. Train your brain. Polish your skills. Seth says…

“The act of writing something down that you believe in, that you have thought about, and knowing that you have to do it again tomorrow will make you better at everything you do.”

And he DOES have a daily blog which I READ nearly every day. It keeps me motivated and inspired to do my best work no matter what.

So I’m launching this pre-season for YOU to inspire you to share your gift with generosity in full confidence that it’s possible to be heard and make a difference. And I’m launching this pre-season for ME so that I can “ship”, as Seth says, work every day even though it isn’t perfect.

I, for one, am NOT hiding.

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(Oh, and that’s Gracie, my co-host for episode 001! You can see more of my outdoor recording studio and Gracie on Instagram.)

Financial Self-Care or… Just Get a Job!

This week, I’m applying for jobs. Full-time with a paycheck and a schedule and a “boss.” And in some ways, it feels like defeat.

I left my full-time arts admin job in 2008 to open my own yoga studio and spa. I did market research, wrote a business plan, made sales projections and a budget, borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from my family and took a leap!

Despite long hours and hard work, it was total entrepreneurial bliss until I fell short of projections time and again, drained my savings, maxed my credit cards on groceries and living expenses and ended up closing the studio just as I was starting to break even (5 years later.) I was physically, emotionally, and financially bankrupt.

Financial Self CareSo I took a year to do some serious introspection, meditation and self-healing. I worked with teachers, healers, advisors and coaches and about 18 months later, I’m healthy and happy physically and emotionally and so there’s just one more piece to heal… FINANCIAL!

I thought I could scrape myself out of the hole I had dug on my own, but this year I finally came to the realization that I needed help.

Here are the facts:

  • My expenses are consistently greater than my income even though I have trimmed everything down to the bare minimum (except rent which seems to be the biggest cost factor for me.)
  • My new business (sans brick & mortar) is growing, but not fast enough.
  • My debt just isn’t shrinking even though I stopped using credit cards completely about 4 months ago.
  • My self-employment tax bill is more than I can pay.

In addition to cutting way back on all expenses, I am already taking the following steps toward recovery:

  • Reality Check – Taking a good, hard, honest, painful look at my income vs expenses (oh how I loathe spreadsheets.)
  • Education – Reading as many books and blogs and listening to podcasts about money from spiritual, energetic, emotional and practical angles.
  • Plugging the Hole – Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition with the help of a great attorney to discharge the consumer credit card debt.
  • Buying Time – Requesting an installment payment plan for my 2014 taxes and applying for short-term government assistance for food and health care (yes, there really is help available if you know where to look!)
  • Seeking Out New Opportunities – Re-opening my brain to ideas and options I had previously ruled out or had left unconsidered.

So let’s talk about that last one because, surprisingly, it’s the hardest.

Let me preface this by saying I am fortunate enough to have a very supportive network of family and friends. And yet, I have heard the following many times “Why don’t you just get a job? Wouldn’t it be easier?” Of course, it’s always said with the well-meaning intention of being helpful…

And then I would get defensive — I’m an entrepreneur. I can never work for someone else again. I need my freedom. Trader Joe’s is so much better when you can do your grocery shopping on a Tuesday afternoon!!!!


Andrea-laptopIs it possible to find a full-time position with a company that you admire and believe in that supports a more entrepreneurial way of working? Innovation, flexible schedule, creativity AND a steady pay check?

I think this is becoming more and more a reality as our economy shifts into a more connection-based model (read some Seth Godin goodness to learn more about this!)

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich fame recently blogged about finding your “dream job” and how this could be an important pillar to your success as an entrepreneur.

NOBODY talks about this because it’s not the sexy narrative of throwing it all to the wind and becoming an entrepreneur.

My goal isn’t to sell you bullshit narratives. It’s to show you how you can deliberately, methodically, and successfully create a Rich Life.

A Dream Job can be the BEST support system for doing exactly that.

For example, what if your Dream Job paid you $20,000 more?

What if you could switch industries?

What if you could build the skills to eventually start your own business — while your job PAYS YOU to learn?

Your Dream Job will give you:

An enviable income. We’re willing to work — as long as we know we’ll be compensated handsomely for our time. (Btw, you can use your savings to “fuel” your business or whatever you want.)

Free training. A great job offers you the ability to build your skills (and pays you to do it!)

Amazing connections. People say, “It’s all about who you know.” YES! This is exactly how you meet amazing people. Not by reading some stupid subreddit on dodgeball.

When people ask me, “Ramit, should I get a Dream Job or start a business?”

The answer is simple: Yes and yes.

Be realistic. The fact is the vast majority of us will have a job throughout our lives… we’re going to talk about how to create a career that gives you MORE freedom, not less — freedom to make more money, to take more risks, and to craft the life you want.

Not just a job you trudge to every day or something you say, “Yeah, it’s a job” when asked about it.

SOMETHING YOU LOVE. You spend enough hours there. You SHOULD love it.

Now, THAT’S what I’m looking for. And when you put it like that, “getting a job” WHILE building my new business sounds a little more like self-care and a smart choice than defeat.

Tell me: What do you think? Send me a note or comment below.