How to Start (anything)

Thank you for listening to The Creative Impostor podcast! My current gift for you is my 21-day How to Start (anything) audio course. Ready to get started?

You have a brilliant idea for a story, business, podcast, painting, YouTube series, website, song…
You’ve always wanted to be an actor, musician, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, artist…
If only you had enough time, money, talent, expertise…

In this community, the #1 frustration I hear is, “I wish I had more time to follow my creative passions.”

Often when we want to start something new, or revisit a creative pursuit we USED to do, we feel overwhelmed, unsure. A voice inside says, “Maybe I don’t have what it takes,” or “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that!”

So we make excuses, procrastinate & let our dreams sit on the shelf, collecting dust for one day. That one day is now!

In this 21-day series of guided audio experiments, you’ll learn how to cut through the static & take effective, manageable steps toward manifesting your creative goal. You are officially on your way into a creative space where everything is possible and YOU get to choose what happens next.

Using visualization techniques & writing prompts, we will:

  • Get clear on WHAT you want to create;
  • Identify what’s standing in your way;
  • Imagine tactics for moving through, around, over or under those obstacles;
  • Create a clear action plan to start you down the right path.

Exciting? Terrifying? Fear not! We’re in this together.

This is a process I have implemented over and over again (without really even realizing what I was doing) to start everything from blogs to bands to businesses and more! We’ll mix a little of woo-woo mysticism with down-to-earth practical tools to learn how to work with our minds, gather our resources and manifest our creative visions intentionally, consistently and… dare I say… joyfully!

You have something to share with the world — don’t wait for the perfect moment, the right time, or the ideal circumstances to take action — just start!

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How to Start (anything)

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Can't wait to see what you're ready to create! ~Andrea

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