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Project Spotlight: Sounds Current with Del Sol Quartet

Tribeca Festival 2024 Official Selection

How does a string quartet help build community from Chinese immigrant poetry carved into detention-center walls on Angel Island? Strip away layers of paint and shame, and let their words sing out after 100 years of silence.

Sounds Current: Angel Island is a 4-part audio documentary series taking you inside the sonic world of the Angel Island Oratorio, commissioned by San Francisco based Del Sol Quartet and composer Huang Ruo.

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My name is Andrea Klunder

My mission is teaching purpose-driven leaders how to use podcasting to tell stories, create movements, and shift culture. I specialize in content strategy, story editing, host development, and media coaching to help arts & culture organizations, educators, and social entrepreneurs build powerful podcasts that elevate their brand story.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution that is sufficient for the work YOU set out to do. Whether you are new to podcasting, or already publishing your show, I want to help you develop your brand story to build affinity with your audience. We’ll tap into the passion behind the podcast; the secret ingredients that make your organization, company, or personal brand unique and valuable. Together we’ll illuminate the values that matter most, craft compelling content for your audience, and make your podcast experience the envy of everyone else.

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I LOVE being interviewed, facilitating training online and off, and speaking at events, workshops and for professional & creative women’s groups, podcasts and blogs! Check out some of my favorite topics!

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