The Creative Impostor Faves

Welcome to a non-comprehensive list of some of Your Podcast Boss’s favorite podcasting AND creative business resources to help make your creative endeavors the envy of everyone else.

Some of products and services featured are even Podcast Angels! Podcast Angels are those products, services, opportunities that provide a win-win-win for you, them, and our agency in the form of an affiliate relationship.

We only recommend those services we have actually used and love. Affiliates may provide us with compensation, either monetary or service in exchange for being a product/service matchmaker for you!


  • Online Recording & Streaming


    My primary go-to for recording interviews online. Better sound quality than zoom. Reliable connection. Streaming options galore!

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  • Transcription & Editing


    Descript will blow your mind when you see how you can edit text in order to simplify editing audio. This is a MUST for content editing beyond your standard dialogue cleanup.

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  • Private Audio Feeds

    Hello Audio

    This goes way beyond private podcasting. You can create audio courses, newsletters and more with this amazing service.

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  • Online recording service


    An alternative to SquadCast. Online recording for video and audio.

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Coaching & Pro Services

  • Legal Advice

    DIY Trademark Course with Andrea Sager

    Andrea’s DIY Trademark course will walk you through everything you need to do to file AND save on attorney fees.

    DIY Trademark Course
  • Legal Advice

    Legalpreneur Membership with Andrea Sager

    Contract templates I’ve incorporated into my business agreements, trademark assistance, legal advice and more!

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  • Podcast Hosting Service


    My preferred company for hosting your media files and distributing them to the different podcast directories or destinations. When you have content recorded and ready to launch, sign up for an account and use promo code “envy” for your first month free.

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  • Web Hosting Service


    I love Dreamhost for registering domains, and hosting your website (mine is built in WordPress). Their customer service, reliability, and sustainability practices are top-notch.

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  • Scheduling Service


    I could NOT run my business or show without Calendly. No more emails back and forth about scheduling. Their free service is pretty great if you just need it for booking guests. More complexity and options come at an affordable price.

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  • Project Management


    Here is where I organize the steps to release my own episodes, my clients’ episodes, and even to organize a client launch.

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  • File Management


    Can anyone run a business without Dropbox these days? This is where I store files offsite and share with clients and team members.

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  • Email Marketing


    Send better emails and tag your subscribers according to their interests.

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  • Graphic Design


    Custom cover art. Instagram posts. Oh so much more!

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  • Audiograms


    Design visual audio snippets of your show to share on social.

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  • Online community building

    Mighty Networks

    Facebook Groups are so 2020. Mighty Networks is a premium place to build your online community away from adbots.

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Fun Stuff

  • Books

    Get your books online NOT from Amazon, support indie bookshops AND The Creative Impostor. Plus recommended reading lists curated by me and my creative community. Everyone wins!

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  • Clothing Resale


    Once upon a time, I hosted these amazing clothing swaps in Chicago. Thredup is the next best thing. The orange dress and the gray dress featured in some of my photos on this site came from there. Buy gently used, sell gently used.

    Get $10 off your 1st purchase
  • Specialty Grocery Delivery

    Imperfect Foods

    I love that they have local, imperfect, organic, vegan, and gluten free options! Currently delivering to deliver to most of the West South Central region, Midwest, Northeast and all along the West Coast of the U.S. You can check your zip code. If you’re new, you’ll get $20 off your first 4 orders.

    Get an $80 credit

You can totally make your show on your own, but you don’t have to podcast alone.

You have a clear purpose and a big vision for your show – the best time to start the next creative phase is NOW! Book an hour “in the lab” with Your Podcast Boss.

Whether you’re developing your concept, preparing to launch, or crafting a strategy to grow your current show, we’ll bring your key desires front and center together so you can take the next right step forward.

Sessions are $450 via Zoom and include recording and transcript as well as dedicated research and prep time.

Podcast Envy: Launch Your Podcast Class

Make a delicious beverage, grab a pen and your favorite notebook, and tuck into my popular Launch Your Podcast class. Runtime is 48:00.

For an AI generated transcript (meaning it has NOT been edited whatsoever) while you watch the class, click here.