I LOVE being interviewed, facilitating training online and off, and speaking at events, workshops and for professional & creative women’s groups, podcasts and blogs!

My favorite topics include:
  • Practical mindfulness for better creative flow in your life & work (yes, you CAN learn to meditate!)
  • Creating, facilitating and nurturing your creative community (you don’t have to do this alone!)
  • A more feminine, holistic approach to business that supports your lifestyle (without the dreaded entrepreneurial burnout!)
  • Impostor syndrome: Get out of your head and express yourself! (The world needs what only you have to offer.)
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On Creativity, Risk, Failure and Impostor Syndrome
In Her Voice podcast with Kelly Covert


Singularity Storytelling Summit How Meditation & Podcasting Saved Me from Bankruptcy, Depression & Impostor Syndrome


Bringing Business to Retail Podcast – How Yoga Studios & Retail Stores Suffer the Same Problems (lessons learned and what I’m doing differently in my business now!)

JandLcity blog – Find What Yoga Works For You

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Contact me to see how I can add value for your community.

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