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The #1 reason listeners choose to come back to a podcast over and over again to become a FAN is the host!

In this 8-week coaching program, Andrea will help you differentiate from other shows in your niche by leaning into your unique lived experience, building podcast hosting skills, and strengthening your personal brand. Remember, we don’t need another Beyoncé, J.Lo, or Brené Brown — we need YOU. Light up your mic!

The next cohort begins Summer 2023 for 8 weeks. This is intended as an intimate group experience of only 3-5 members. When you register, we will reach out to create a schedule that works for the cohort.


  • Tools for finding clarity on your questions, intentions, and vision for your podcast
  • An audit of your show in alignment with your questions & intentions to uncover your star qualities and opportunities to turn up the dial
  • Group cohort coaching with Andrea Klunder
  • A 1×1 conversation with Andrea Klunder
  • Light Up Your Mic! Private podcast feed
  • BONUS audio masterclasses on social media, voice, values-based messaging, & hosting skills!

Pricing Options:

$1200 – Full Rate
$1500 – Patron (help support a podcaster who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the program)
$600 – Alternative Rate (if the Full Rate is not accessible for you at this time)
$1600 – Co-Hosts (2 hosts, 1 podcast)

Let’s Light Up Your Mic Together!

Light Up Your Mic! FAQs

  • When does the program begin? What are the dates?

    This program is a hybrid group and 1×1 experience. The group portion of the program will begin once we have assembled our cohort of 3-5 podcasters. Our next session begins August 2023. Your 1×1 work will begin within a few days of registering. We will schedule the group sessions around everyone’s best availability.

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  • I'm very interested in Light Up Your Mic! But I have questions. Can we talk first?

    Of course! I want to make sure this program is a good fit for us both. Click the button below to schedule a 20-minute virtual Tea Date with me and let’s find out!

    Book your free tea date (zoom session) with Andrea >>
  • Do you have a lower priced option available?

    We are making every effort to make Light Up Your Mic! coaching accessible to a variety of podcasters with different budgets. Our lowest available price is the Alternative Rate of $600. You may absolutely choose that rate upon registering. If you would like to inquire about a payment plan, please book a 20-minute virtual Tea Date with me and let’s see what we can work out.

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  • Who do you think YOU are to coach this program?

    Hahahaha! Maybe the “creative impostor” voice in my head is the only one asking this question.

    I have long history with performance on stage, behind the mic, on screen, and across the table from OTHER performers! I’ve experienced training in classical voice, musical theatre, acting, storytelling, yoga instruction, meditation, video production, film, theatre directing… In my work as a casting director for independent films in Chicago, one of my favorite parts was being able to see the unique gifts, talents, and character in young actors and brining it to the forefront to help them shine in their auditions! As a podcast producer, I work with hosts who have NEVER been on a mic before to help them develop confidence in who they are and how they show up.

    I’m here for YOU! And I know we’re going to love working together. But if you’re still not sure… book a 20-minute virtual Tea Date with me and let’s find out if I’m the right coach for you.

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Are you ready to Light Up Your Mic?