P.S. I LOVE being interviewed for podcasts, online and offline trainings, and speaking at events, workshops, high school and college programs, and for professional & creative women’s groups! To discuss how I can add value to your group or event, email andrea@thecreativeimpostorstudios.com or book a quick call with me.

You are EXACTLY where you need to be. Thank you for taking this leap with me into the next creative phase of crafting your show.

You have 5 emails coming your way, once a day with some questions to answer, activities to try, and of course, podcast episodes to listen to.

The work begins TOMORROW.

In the meantime, pour yourself a delicious beverage, and get inspired with episode 53 of Podcast Envy: What has podcasting done for you lately? This was recorded live during the Southgate Media Group Podcast Marathon and features a whole panel of podcasters sharing their favorite parts of making a show.

Just to have any amount of validation and that well received-ness, that makes you try the next thing with a little less fear that I think it’s really cool and wonderful.”   ~KAROLYN BLAKE

Hi, I’m Andrea Klunder, producer, editor, consultant, and speaker.

I believe in the power of podcasting to develop an intimate connection with your listeners, build loyal community, and immerse your followers in an authentic brand experience through engaging, entertaining, and educational audio media.

The Creative Impostor Studios is a boutique agency that offers:

  • premium podcast producing & editing services
  • podcast launch packages
  • podcast strategy consulting
  • podcaster coaching services

We work with mission-driven individuals and organizations who want use audio to break the status quote and influence a positive net impact in their niche. Our specialty is crafting character-driven shows to express the culture of your brand that you and your audience will love.


Andrea Klunder is the creative media strategist and podcast producer behind The Creative Impostor Studios. Andrea works with organizations, companies, and leaders who want to use audio content to tell stories, create movements, and change culture.

She calls upon her myriad experiences as a singer, actor, director, business owner, yoga and meditation teacher to produce and edit podcasts for social impact organizations and entrepreneurs. She consults on strategy and coaches podcasters to go deeper into the craft and culture of making their show.

Andrea’s podcasts include:

  • Podcast Envy: highlighting the craft and culture of podcasting
  • The Creative Impostor: featuring creative thought leaders who take bold action in life and work, despite the little voice in their heads that says, “Who do you think you are?!”
  • Craft & Culture: a premium behind-the-scenes deep dive into crafting a show that matters
  • Power Your Story: produced by her high school mentees who attend a Chicago public school for diverse learners

Andrea has developed podcasts with the Santa Fe Opera, Institute for Justice, Chicago Reader, Hirewell, the NARM Training Institute, and more. She has been a featured speaker and trainer for Podcast Movement, Podfest, She Podcasts Live, the University of Florida, The Wing, Next Door Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, and many, many podcasts.

Andrea believes in the power of podcasting to immerse your followers in an authentic brand experience through engaging, entertaining, and educational audio media. Her mission is to help your voice to shine!

Meet the Team

  • Andrea Klunder

    Andrea Klunder

    Producer, Editor, Creative Director
  • Edwin R. Ruiz

    Edwin R. Ruiz

    Technical Director & Audio Engineer
  • Maddie Shewchuk

    Maddie Shewchuk

    Associate Editor
  • Ashley Lana Scott

    Ashley Lana Scott

    Community Engagement Manager
  • Terri Hudson

    Terri Hudson

    Online Community Manager
  • Lisa Widder

    Lisa Widder

    Show Notes Copy Writer