CI Podcast PreSeason 002: SoundClouds, MailChimps & More

That's Freddie the MailChimp with my "work" vision board and a lucky Buddha for abundance!

Freddie the MailChimp with my “work” vision board and a lucky Buddha!

That’s Freddie the MailChimp action figure! Oh, and my “work” vision board and a lucky Buddha for abundance.

Today’s PreSeason episode details the technology, software, steps and tools needed to deliver the audio recording from my patio to your ears.

And we ponder the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” and whether we should graduate to new words for describing them once we’ve reached a certain age.

Audio Recorder: Zoom H4N with pop filter

Audio File Hosting: SoundCloud

Website Hosting: WordPress, using the Catch Evolution Theme (free)

Email Service Provider: MailChimp

WordPress Plugin for Email Opt-In forms that integrate with Mailchimp: MailMunch

Kirtan Band: The Bhakti Caravan

Listen to the full episode on SoundCloud!

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