Craft a show of significance

Posted 2/13/2022 * Position available for immediate start.

The Creative Impostor Studios is a boutique podcast production company for purpose-driven organizations, companies, and leaders in various industries.


We value voice, integrity, and going above and beyond the status quo to deliver unique and rewarding podcast experiences clients and audiences love. Behind the scenes we are committed to kind, respectful communication, playing to individual strengths, personal and professional growth, and always maintaining our sense of humor.

Nuts & Bolts

This role is a 1099 independent contractor, 100% remote. We will agree upon workflows and deadlines which will be tracked in Trello. We also use Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing, and Descript and Adobe Audition for editing. Though Audition is our preferred DAW, we are open to considering working with contractors who use different options so long as we can transfer files via OMF or other means.

We have a number of shows available, and you will be matched according to skill, interest, and availability. We will have a 30-60 day trial period (up to 4 episodes depending on the show’s publication schedule) to work out any kinks and determine whether it’s the right fit.


  • Conform files from clients to the correct sample rate/type as needed
  • Edit dialogue for solos, interviews, and/or round tables for a clean professional sound (removing the majority of fillers, overly long pauses, interruptions and distractions) WHILE maintaining natural speech patterns and a conversational flow
  • Make edits as specified by clients via script notes (in some cases)*
  • Assemble shows from templates including intros/outros + possibly music transitions, sponsors, or VO tracks
  • Deliver audio mix to include: leveling, compression, voice balancing, noise reduction, mouth de-click, de-plosive, etc as needed**

Key Qualities

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Deep listening for cues from the hosts and natural conversational flow
  • Technical proficiency on audio mixing and mastering
  • Excellent and timely communication with the team when communicating largely via email
  • Individual accountability to meet deadlines, quality of work expectations, and ask questions when you have them
  • Commitment to helping elevate the diverse voices of hosts and guests so they shine through the audio
  • Flexibility to step in where, how, and as needed within your capacity

*If you are interested in learning more about content editing and producing, that’s a bonus and opportunity for growth, but not a requirement for this role.

**If you are strong on dialogue editing, but not the audio mix, we encourage you to apply. We also work with post-production audio engineers on some shows and may be able to partner you up.


This role is independent contractor status. Our rates are per delivered episode, and are on a scale based on your experience, show length and complexity, and your specific role. For example, if you are doing a dialogue edit AND audio mix, that is greater than just the edit. The range starts at $30 for a 15 minute solo episode, dialogue edit only (no audio mix) or another show may be $160, for example, on a 55min interview, dialogue edit + audio mix. These are beginning rates and assume decent audio recordings without intensive audio repair.

If we decide we’d like to work together, we will make an offer with a contract rate based on the show(s) you will be taking on.


We seek to be an inclusive company and make team decisions that welcome the contributions you bring to the work based on education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.