Let’s Get Started!

Do you want to make a podcast you and your audience will love?

I work with companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and indie podcasters who want to craft cohesive audio content strategy and cultivate the culture around shows that make an impact in their community.

Consulting packages are custom based on your objectives, timeline, team and budget. They may consist of a series of video calls, templates, worksheets, and deliverables.

Let’s Craft Your Show Together.

  • Andrea and The Creative Impostor Studios Team are a one stop shop for all things podcasting. I thought about podcasting for years and that goal seemed daunting. That is until I met Andrea! I have beeb a grateful beneficiary of Andrea's expertise, patience, encouragement and professionalism. Initially, she coached me through all the steps of preparing to become a podcaster, she held my hand and then gave me the confidence to launch. Before launching, I asked her to edit and produce the show. She gave me guidance regarding equipment, writing show notes, social media options, how to set up my in-home "studio" to insure better quality sound. The editing and sound engineering assure a great outcome. Andrea is a "BOSS"!

A Sneak Peek of Our Launch Process

  • Start with "why"


    What is the "why" behind your show? What's in it for you, your brand, your organization, and most importantly... your listeners?
  • See your audience


    Forget "client avatars!" Who is a real person that you are serving with the content of your show?
  • Craft your story

    Premise & Format

    What is the idea behind your show? What is the change you want to make? How will you express it?
  • Get some help

    Team & Tech

    Gather your team and design a workflow for your show's production. We'll advise on the hardware, software, and service providers you need to make a high-quality show as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.
  • Meet those deadlines


    We'll provide the accountability to make sure all the pieces are in place and your content is ready leading up to launch. Once the deliverables are ready to go, we will assist in setting up your podcast hosting service and distribution channels to platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher (and a bunch you've probably never even heard of!)
  • Look, Feel, Hear


    Your show is a sensory experience that extends beyond a voice or two talking. What is the overall experience of your show, from the title to the cover art from the theme music to the sound quality. Is it "on brand?" How does it make your listener feel? Where else can your listener connect with you - social media, website, live events? We'll help you think outside the pod to craft an experience your listener will love.

Ready to see whether we’re a match made in podcasting heaven?


  • Do you only consult on launching? What if I already have a show?

    No. We can absolutely design a custom coaching or consulting package for you wherever you are in your podcasting career. We'll meet first do define your primary growth or refinement objective and then work out a plan that fits your goals, timeline and budget. Common objectives include: voice coaching, host & interview coaching, podcast audit and optimization, branding and strategy, etc. Schedule a call to see if we have a solution for you.
    Book a "podcast tea date" with me to discuss a custom coaching or consulting option.
  • How much do your consulting services cost?

    Pricing is custom based on your objectives, timeline, team and budget. Private launch packages start at $5000 to launch within 60 days.
    Book a "podcast tea date" with me to discuss your private launch plan.
  • Do you have a lower priced option available?

    Yes. If private launch consulting is not in alignment with your budget at this time, I recommend joining the Podcast Envy: Craft & Culture VIP Circle. You will get access to DIY resources, guides, templates, a private podcast feed with tips and insights, and a monthly group Office Hours call with me to ask your questions. There is no minimum commitment length (beyond 1 month). The cost is currently $79/month.
    Check out Podcast Envy: Craft & Culture for DIY podcasters!