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Are you ready? Curious? Nervous? Excited? Just testing the waters?


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Podcasting is such an incredible opportunity and endeavor — I’d be honored to support you in getting off to a strong start and helping you feel supported, confident and inspired in your show launch.

How it works

The Launch Pod is currently on hiatus. I am, however, available for VIP 1-on-1 launch consulting and frequently offer free introductory launch classes in Chicago.

We cover a variety of necessary topics including:

  • Choosing your show concept & episode plan
  • Getting the right tech (hardware & software) and setting it up for best results
  • Best practices for recording (solos, interviews and more, in person, over the web, on location, etc.)
  • Show title, cover art, theme music
  • Editing best practices and options (note: I am NOT teaching you how to edit, but will provide options and resources to help you decide whether to learn to DIY or outsource this step.)
  • Setting up your audio hosting account with Libsyn.com (you’ll also get a promo code for your first month of hosting free)
  • Submitting your show to directories
  • Special topics depending on who signs up and what you want to learn may include: marketing, community building, crafting your call to action, the podcasting lifestyle, content strategy, guesting on other podcasts, etc.

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consult call with me where you can ask any questions, get clarification. From there, we’ll determine whether the Launch Coaching is a match made in Podcasting Heaven for you!

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I can’t wait to hear more about the show you’re creating!!!

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