Wait… I thought you said there was not RIGHT way…


But there are also some not-so-right ways I’d love to help you avoid.

Please note, some of these links & promo codes are affiliate relationships, meaning I get a little something back from the company when I refer you to them. REST ASSURED, I never recommend anything I haven’t or wouldn’t personally use.


Libsyn for hosting – use Promo Code: envy to get your first month free – sign up for your account once you have some finished episode mp3s to upload. In most cases the $15 monthly plan will be right for you

Decent closed ear headphones (whenever you are recording) – there are lots of good ones out there — I LOVE my wood/chrome Symphonized set — they’re a little bass-heavy so if that’s not your thing, maybe try some from Tascam or Sony.

For Recording

(what you choose TOTALLY depends on what, where, who you are recording — if you need a custom setup consult, book with me here.)

Zoom Digital Recorder – I use the H4N — the 5 and 6 are also awesome if you need more inputs or super control! The H1N is what my high school students do for in the field, on the fly recording. Also great for recording solos. You cannot really plug an XLR style mic into the H1N.

Decent microphone – there are SO MANY to choose from — decide which connection USB (direct to computer) or XLR (to a Zoom recorder) or both! Also condenser (more sensitive, greater vocal dynamic range) or dynamic (slightly more forgiving for slight background noise, a less dynamic range) – I use an MXL 990 condenser microphone in my booth (connected to my Zoom recorder) and out an about I use a Rode NTG2 (plugged into my Zoom recorder)

Accessories – If you are recording in a stationary location, consider a desk stand for your mic with boom arm (free standing or mounted) rather than that silly little tripod stand that tends to come with most popular podcasting mics. Pop filter (stationary) or windscreen (mobile).


(again — depends on what, where, who, how often etc)

In person solo shows, you can record directly into your computer using Garageband, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Hindenburg, Quicktime, etc though I prefer into a digital recorder (like the Zoom).

Co-hosted shows (same co-host each time) — try a double ender, where you use skype or whatever for the conversation but each of you records on a zoom recorder (or software of choice) and then you sync the 2 files in your editing software after the fact

In person interviews, I recommend making sure you each have your own microphone unless it’s super short and you don’t mind doing the reporter style, moving the mic back and forth.

Remote Interviews – I use Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype (also available for FaceTime – both are Mac users only.) They have a GREAT integration for FB Live too —you can get both packaged together for $79 ONE TIME.

Alternatives = Zencastr, Cast, Squadcast (I’ve trialed all and many podcasters use them exclusively — though I still prefer Ecamm.)

No matter WHAT you use, I recommend also doing a hardwired recording of your own to a digital recorder. (I’m working on a PDF explanation of this… coming soon — reach out in the meantime if you want help!)

Editing – I use Adobe Audition, which you do have to pay $20/month for if you don’t already have the Adobe Creative Cloud. I think it is WELL worth it for how much easier it makes my life vs Garageband or Audacity. But if you want to go for free, each of those will work too. I have a couple friends using Hindenburg (one time license fee) and they love it. Super techy audio nerds and music producers love ProTools. Learning curve varies greatly on these.

Mixing, leveling, etc – If you are clueless in this department and don’t want to hire an editor (ahem… me…) you can get decent results with this automated algorithm-based software called Auphonic.

Need more help?

Book 60min in the lab with me (phone, Skype, etc.) for $125. Not sure whether I can help? Reply back to this email.

Want to hand off your editing to someone who actually ENJOYS doing it? Schedule a 20min tea break with me to see if we are a good fit for each other and get a custom quote. I do NOT do quotes via email or arbitrary package rates. Your show is unique and I don’t believe in one size fits all.

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