Welcome VIP
(very important podcaster!)

I’m creating this space for you. Are you ready to create with me?

My vision is to create an anxiety-free, inviting, supportive space for interaction, collaboration, and forward momentum for those of us who want to use podcasting to shift culture, make a positive impact, and support our own creative, mission-driven self-expression. 

Does that sound like YOU?

I’m looking for you IF…

  • you are wanting to connect with other podcasters in a constructive, supportive way
  • you are happily podcasting along but feel like there’s something you’re missing
  • you want to define success your own way and be part of a culture that aligns with that vision

The nuts and bolts will largely be determined by YOU because I believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to podcasting.

And of course, you’re not just getting me — but a whole micro-community of podcasters behind you!

How it works

I am currently hosting the VIP service through Patreon.com. This allows me to offer a totally top-secret premium behind the scenes podcast feed for you that goes IN DEPTH into the topics you care about most (because you can ask me your questions and I’ll create a whole episode around them!) and the industry insights I stumble upon.

The premium podcast is Craft & Culture BTS with Podcast Envy and you can get it for just $5/mo.

In the VIP Circle ($29/month for the first 5 members and $49/month after that), you’ll get more than just the podcast — you’ll get live video calls with me and once we have enough members, a private FB group and opportunities to be featured on Podcast Envy.

We’ll decide together where to put our focus. Examples may include:

  • Growing your community
  • Improving your sound 
  • Voice & vocal delivery training
  • Working through burnout, boredom & overwhelm
  • Taking on sponsors, affiliates & strategic partners
  • Speaking & mentoring
  • Email opt-ins and list building
  • Industry trends & growth opportunities
  • Guesting on other podcasts
  • Social media & outreach diversification
  • Niching your message

What you’ll get

  • Exclusive podcast feed with strategic content requested by you
  • Monthly video/audio interactive master class via Zoom meeting
  • Quarterly private big picture pod-dreaming call with me
  • Support from a curated group of podcasting colleagues (platform TBD — possibly secret Facebook Group)
  • Opportunities to feature your show on Podcast Envy


First 5 founding members (limited time offer) will be $29/month.

The next tier rate for future members will likely be at least $49-79/month but you will be locked in at your original founding rate as long as you want to continue.

What happens next?

Limited spots are available so don’t wait.

I can’t wait to hear more about the show you’re creating!!!

Peace, Love & Podcasting,