Welcome to Power Your Story Podcast

A podcast about life, art, music, school, society, and culture. Featuring diverse voices, personal stories, interviews, and round table discussions. Created by Chicago high school students. Supported by After School Matters and The Creative Impostor Studios.

Power Your Story Live

Season 15 Showcase

Thursday December 8, 2022

6:30-7:30pm Central

Join us on Facebook for our interactive pop culture trivia game and a sneak peak of podcast episodes created by our student producers this summer.

Our Season 15 theme is What’s important to you?

Topics include:

Marvel vs DC

Mental Health Journeys

Food & Music from Around the World

The History of Memes

Growing Up on the South Side With Autism

How to Chill, Relax, and Take Care of You

And more!

Season 15 is produced by After School Matters students in both the Podcast Tech and Podcast Production programs, facilitated by The Creative Impostor Studios.

Check out some of our all-star guests and topics for upcoming episodes. Now in post-production.