Welcome to Power Your Story Podcast

A podcast about life, art, music, school, society, and culture. Featuring diverse voices, personal stories, interviews, and round table discussions. Created by Chicago high school students. Supported by After School Matters and The Creative Impostor Studios.

Power Your Story Live

Season 17 Showcase

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

3:15-4:15pm Central

Our Season 17 theme is: Perception

Episodes include:

Dance Fitness with Ramon Muñoz

Let’s Get Well Together

Art & Cyberpunk

NBA Draft Picks

The Speed Force

Health Advice 101

My Life with Autism

Fiction Collaboration with ASM Creative Writing

Black Girl Magic

Open Mic Wednesdays

And more!

Season 17 is produced by After School Matters students in both the Podcast Tech and Podcast Production programs, facilitated by The Creative Impostor Studios.