I LOVE being interviewed, facilitating training online and off, and speaking at events, workshops and for professional & creative women’s groups, podcasts and blogs!

My Favorite Topics Include….

For Indie & Aspiring Podcasters

  • Podcast Envy: Create Your Own 
    Let Your Voice Shine! a musical approach to vocal technique for digital storytellers and public speakers
    How Podcasting & Meditation saved me from bankruptcy, depression & impostor syndrome
    Impostor syndrome: Get out of your head and get behind the mic! (The world needs what only YOU have to offer.)

For Organizations & Companies

  • Story as Strategy
  • Grow Your Business with Podcasting
  • The Top 5 Mistakes Organizations Make with Podcasting (and how to avoid them)
  • Power Your Story: empowering diverse learners through podcasting

For Students

  • Uplevel With Podcasting – interactive workshop on creating your own show at school or at home for making valuable connections, gain mentorship, and build a professional network
  • The Future is Audio – keynote on practical examples and simple action steps for students who want to delve further into the power of podcasting

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