Ready to tap into your own deepest creative resource?

“Creativity is directly proportionate to the ability to produce imagery in great abundance in the brain. This resource of imagery allows us to access the deeper layers of the mind which often contain solutions to problems we think we have to look outward to find.” ~Andrea Klunder

Share Your Experience

I’d love to hear from YOU!

Download & listen to a yoga nidra practice — once or many times, mine or someone else’s and let me know what you observe.

Send me a voicemail and tell me what your experience was like during the practice, immediately after or in the week following. 

You can leave me a 90 second message that I can include on a future episode of the creative impostor. Include your name, business and website if you have one or you can just say you’d like it to be an anonymous story.

And if voicemail isn’t really your thing, you can also email me by clicking the contact page.

Private & Group Sessions

Private Yoga Nidra sessions for you or a group are available in person (in Chicago) or by Google+ Hangout, Skype or Zoom online.

I can also accommodate private groups. In your home, office, or at a yoga studio… it’s the perfect retreat!

To set up a session or inquire about your group, contact me directly and include some details about how you think I can help you. I will be in touch to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation for us to determine how I can best be of service to you and we’ll make it happen!