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Seems like everyone’s starting their own podcast these days. So how do YOU stand out in a sea of podcasts? How much time will it really take? What is going to keep you going when it gets tough? And how do you know if it’s any GOOD… let’s not even get started on impostor syndrome!!!

Here’s a secret…

There is NO one-size-fits-all tutorial that is sufficient. Let me help.

I want to help you develop and communicate YOUR STORY — the passion behind the podcast, the thing that makes your show unique and valuable to your listeners, and the secret ingredients that will help you make your podcast the envy of everyone else. Inquire about scheduling a Pod-Dreaming consultation with me here.

Let’s Work Together

Podcast Envy 1×1 Launch Program

We will work together 1×1 to take your show from concept to launch on your timeline. Package includes everything you need to get your first 3 episodes launched to Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio and Google Podcasts.

Each client’s special combination of needs is different. Program may include coaching on:

  • Gear & software
  • Content and episode structure
  • Microphone & recording technique
  • Recording environment
  • Vocal technique
  • Interview skills
  • Getting the best sound quality possible
  • Cover Art resources and best practices (does not include actual cover art)
  • Theme music resources and best practices (does not include actual music)
  • Standard show intro/outro recorded & mixed
  • Editing best practices (1st 5 episodes may be fully edited and mixed an additional fee at a special VIP rate)
  • Setting up your audio hosting account with Libsyn.com
  • Submitting your show to the major directories (Apple, Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher)

Rates available for independent podcasters, corporate and non-profit organizations. Contact me for a consultation.


Private Coaching & Consulting Packages

Want to find out whether a podcast is right for you or your organization? Already have a show and feel like maybe something’s missing? We’ll design a consultation or coaching package following the tried and true Podcast Envy process, custom tailored to fit your brand.

Note: one-off individual coaching sessions are not currently available.

Contact me to schedule a free call and custom quote.

Podcast Envy Classes

I offer free introductory Podcast Envy classes at Next Door Chicago just about every month. Visit their Class Schedule or follow me on Facebook to see what’s coming up next.

Production Support & Editing Services

Want your podcast to really stand out? Don’t want to deal with editing and leveling and tagging — oh my! The Creative Impostor Studios is your resource for ongoing production support, high end editing and sound engineering services, custom show notes, content consulting and more. Learn more here.

P.S. I LOVE being interviewed, training online and off and speaking at events, workshops and for professional & creative women’s groups! Contact me to see how I can add value for your community.

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