088: Pivot from live talk show to podcast with Karen Yates, Wild & Sublime

088: Pivot from live talk show to podcast with Karen Yates, Wild & Sublime

For me, it’s always about connecting. How can I connect more with other people, other companies to make it…mutually beneficial? How can I make this worth your while as much as worth my while?

~Karen Yates, Wild & Sublime

Sex positive podcaster Karen Yates is in the midst of a pivot. Her show, Wild & Sublime, will still deliver its trademark sexy spin on infotainment, but as she heads back out into the real world to host her show live, onstage, she’s reevaluating the things she loves about podcasting and what she doesn’t.

Welcome to a conversation about podcast positivity with a somatic sex educator!

Some background out of the way first: Karen is a longtime member of Chicago’s sex-positive scene. Her live stage shows offer frank discussions on a wide range of sexual topics without sounding antiseptic. The podcast (created as a result of COVID lockdown) is an extension of those public performances. Whether focused on solo or poly play, kinky or vanilla variations, communication remains Wild & Sublime’s main thrust (sorry, not sorry: Karen’s world is pun-heavy). “We talk about just how to relate to each other,” she says.

Pleasure, as you might imagine, is another theme of Karen’s show. That’s where we steer this conversation – back to the pleasure of podcasting.

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“It wasn’t until I went to my first podcast conference online that I realized everybody struggles with overwork…like, this is real! [

~Karen Yates

Sure, we all craft shows with listeners in mind but, ultimately, our podcasts are for us. So, let me ask you: 

  • What about this medium is pleasurable to you? 
  • What podcast tasks do you enjoy doing? 
  • What gets you in the state of flow versus what feels like a chore?

After two full seasons of weekly scheduled episodes, Karen’s giving those questions more thorough review. She’s already outsourced the tasks that slow her down (full disclosure: she’s hired The Creative Impostor Studios to take pesky production to-dos off her plate), creating time to consider her format for the upcoming season. “Up until this point, the show bobbled a lot, back and forth, with new content and old show content in sort of a cabaret style,” she says, admitting, “those quick-moving segments take a lot of time [to edit].” 

So, now what?

As with sex positivity, podcast positivity invites play; the only rules are the ones you create. Karen has discovered what she and her audiences love most. “I know what good self-care is around erotic mindfulness,” she says. Now she’s taking the time to take good care of her podcast. “What feeds me are deep conversations.” She’s going to explore more of those possibilities going forward.

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Peace, love, and podcasting!

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