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Craft a Show of Significance

Seems like everyone has a podcast these days!

So how do YOU help your show shine in a sea of podcasts? How do you define podcasting success beyond stats and downloads? And how do you really know if your show is making a difference?

It all starts with strategy. 

Whether you have been podcasting for a while or you’re just getting started, let us help you craft a show that expresses your brand story and builds affinity with your audience.

  • Strategy Consulting & Show Development

    Whether you’re making a show for your company, your organization, your personal brand, or your passion project, it’s time to get creative and be smart in how to craft your show and elevate your platform for best results. We offer full-service show development and launch packages for NEW shows, and audits with consulting for EXISTING shows to help make the whole process more fun, more effective, and more rewarding.

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  • Full Service Production & Editing

    Think of us as your podcast production partners. When you hire us to edit or fully produce your show, we partner with you on strategy, content, and sound to create an original podcast experience you and your audience will love. Your success is our success. We will support you with tangible asset creation that showcases your purpose and allows your message to shine.

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  • Coming Soon!

    Host Coaching & Talent Development

    The #1 reason listeners choose one show over another on the same topic is the HOST! In this coaching program, Andrea will help you differentiate from other shows in your niche by leaning into your unique lived experience, building podcast hosting skills, and strengthening your personal brand.

Coming Summer 2023!

As a boutique agency, we take on a limited number of clients each year. To get on our roster, schedule a Virtual Tea Date to see if we are a match made in podcasting heaven!

Podcast Envy Masterclasses offer focused strategy sessions on the most pressing questions for purpose-driven leaders who use podcasting to make a positive impact on their communities and to disrupt the status quo. 

Our Star Clients

We are honored to produce podcasts with incredible purpose-driven companies, organizations, and brands.

If you have something to say and want to do it differently, we want to meet you!

See if we are a match made in podcasting heaven!

P.S. You can book me!

I LOVE to give talks, facilitate workshops, and guest on outstanding podcasts.

Book a virtual Tea Date to see how I can add value to your event, organization, or show. ~Andrea

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  • Here's a Secret...

    More than 70% of podcasters “pod-fade” after 7 or 8 episodes, meaning they just give up on producing their show. I want to help you develop and communicate YOUR STORY — define the thing that makes your show unique and valuable to your listeners, express the passion behind the podcast, and cultivate the secret ingredients that will help you make a podcast that you AND your audience will love.

Let’s Craft Your Show Together