3 Reflections on a Rainy Mother’s Day

3 Reflections on a Rainy Mother’s Day

Mom walking black & white1. The other day, I was on the phone with my mom telling her about the Creative Impostor blog and podcast that I’m getting ready to launch. Also telling her about all the part-time and full-time jobs I’ve applied to this month (and the many, many rejections that have been rolling in.)

Sometimes I feel like an unlikely failure because of the many years of financial struggle I find myself in, despite my best (and worst) creative ideas.

My inner critic says, “If you’re so smart, why are you still struggling to come up with rent each and every month after 7 years of self-employment?”

My mom says, “I’m so proud of you. No matter how long it takes, you never just sit down and give up. You always just keep trying.”

I wish my inner voice would take a lesson from my mom.

2. This weekend, I hosted a clothing swap for 7 women. Everyone brought both garments that had been well-loved and mistakes that had been impulse purchases never worn. Everyone found something new that she loved. And more importantly, everyone took such pleasure in watching someone else discover a piece she had contributed with joy and delight.

By the end of our 2 hours together, I felt clearer, lighter, more expansive. Happy.
And now I basically have a whole new wardrobe!

When women gather with the pure intention of sharing, the resources that manifest are abundant and magical.

3. Last night, I attended a bachelorette party for my sister, thrown by a group of her friends from work. It was thoroughly goofy (a night out in Boystown… complete with the “appropriate” entertainment). I was impressed that my sister really rolled along with the flow, right through the numerous awkward and potentially embarrassing moments, and had fun with it.

Her friends took such good care to hold her celebration of this important life transition with the perfect balance of humor and honor.

After midnight, a random woman at one bar called out to us “Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!” as we squeezed past in the hallway.

My first thought was, “But none of us are mothers!”
My second thought was, “But really, aren’t we all?”