PE022: Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting, on Impostor Syndrome and Podcasters Hall of Fame

PE022: Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting, on Impostor Syndrome and Podcasters Hall of Fame

What if you were happily podcasting along since pre-iPhone era, and suddenly got the call that you were being inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame at Podcast Movement, the biggest industry conference of the year?

Today I’m talking with Dave Jackson, host of School of Podcasting, stranger to no one who has been involved in this industry for long, coach to many, and creator of a new podcast about every 5 minutes.

This episode is part of the “impostor syndrome” crossover series between my two shows, The Creative Impostor and Podcast Envy… enjoy!

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Our Guest!

School of Podcasting Podcast

About Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is an award-winning podcaster who has been podcasting since 2005. He is an inductee of the Academy of Podcasters Hall oF Fame.

He is a featured/keynote speaker at events, author of the book More Podcast Money, and served as the Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo.

He was featured in the Documentary The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary available on Amazon. He is best known for founding the School of Podcasting and helping thousands of podcasters launch successful podcasts. He has started over 20 podcasts and has over 3 million downloads.

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