PE046: Professional Podcast Editing with Carrie Caulfield Arick, Britany Felix, and Jennifer Longworth

PE046: Professional Podcast Editing with Carrie Caulfield Arick, Britany Felix, and Jennifer Longworth

My clients think I’m a wizard. I don’t think they know entirely what I do. They just know that I do it…. What I actually do is polish people’s podcasts interviews to save everybody time.

Carrie Caulfield Arick

Four podcast editors walk into a bar… Nah, that’s not what happened at all. We got together where you’d expect us to – on a podcast, of course! 

Wait! Before you go all “Meh. I’m not an editor so why should I listen?” on this episode, hear me out.

You will become a better client and a better podcaster after listening to Carrie Caulfield Arick of YaYa Podcasting, Jennifer Longworth of Bourbon Barrel Podcasting, and Podcasting For Coaches’ Britany Felix. There’s room for everyone at this podcast editors roundtable! 

My guests agree that it’s difficult to make family and friends – let alone clients – understand what an editor does. Other aspects of their work are more familiar: consulting, producing, networking, teaching… there’s more; my guests are busy! 

But it’s the role of editor that seems to mystify most.

People have no idea what we do to make someone’s raw audio file audience-ready.

In their minds, an editor either does nothing (grumble, grumble) or performs magic (thanks, but…there’s no fairy dust here). 

Maybe it’s because, as humans, we’ve been talking all our lives that people think, how hard can it be to record what we say and have it come out the other end sounding intelligent and natural?

If you’re not an editor, you’d be surprised.

Read on for more…

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Article Cont’d

For me, I credit it with literally changing my life… I get to work from home every day which has been my dream. I don’t have to take any calls with clients or anything before noon, which is amazing. I get to just have the freedom that I always, always, always craved.

Britany Felix, on what she gets out of her podcasting business

Setting aside physical challenges (like a client’s substandard equipment or that crazy barking dog), there’s nothing natural about wearing headphones, speaking into a mic, and being fully conscious of the fact that you’re being recorded! 

Making a podcasts as listenable as our clients intended them to sound when they hit record takes time – and skill.

As women, the price we place on our expertise can sometimes make for uncomfortable conversations. But you won’t find my guests undercutting their services on platforms like Fiverr. Or just-ing their way through introductions, as in “I’m just a podcast editor.”

If you’ve struggled with that kind of deeply ingrained undervaluing, it’s time to quit cold turkey (or at least start noticing how often you just. Jennifer, Carrie, and Britany are inspiring role models (in addition to all the other hats they wear). 

I will never charge anyone that low again because it was such a drain on me and definitely not worth it.

Jennifer Longworth, on charging what you’re worth

You know where there’s a round-table, there’s a speed round! We talk about everything from pet-peeves to pricing philosophies to the gifts podcasting has given us.

Whether you’re an intrepid DIY podcaster, a turn-key client, or just a faithful listener, you’ll want to listen in as four editor ladies get together on a podcast.

Resources mentioned

Just Busters Facebook Group
*for female identified editors & those who edit their own shows

Podcast Editors Club Facebook Group
*for all

Jennifer’s mic-grabbing video from Podfest

Lexington Podcasters Facebook Group

Podcast Movement

She Podcasts Live


Adobe Audition



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