PE081: How to create a safe space to exchange ideas with Cassandre Dunbar

PE081: How to create a safe space to exchange ideas with Cassandre Dunbar

This podcast, in a way, has become my self-care. I didn’t even realize that I would be, but it absolutely has been the thing that makes me happiest… just for me.

~Cassandre Dunbar, Be Well, Sis

Here’s a podcast truth that may feel a bit uncomfortable: the personal has never been more political. Allow my paraphrasing of the popular concept to seep under your protective layers for a moment while I explain. Podcasters, content creators, cultural influencers: we all have a responsibility to speak and respond to what’s happening in the world around us. To show up for ourselves and our communities an authentic manner. 

Especially now. Even if our podcasts have nothing to do with social justice or politics. 

Why wouldn’t we want to create content that improves society and adds value to the lives of our listeners! Honestly? Because doing so might be risky. Doing so might require going against the forces that have shaped our POV (family, community, followers). Doing so might require confronting an old nemesis: impostor syndrome.

Cassandre Dunbar of Be Well, Sis is tackling many of those personal and political taboos with her approach to the self-care podcast – a format that can politely be described as lacking in diversity.

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“I just thought when I launched a podcast that, you know, you get a mic, put it in, you write some notes, and you just start talking. Oh, God, no. There’s so much that goes into this, and I had to learn the hard way!

~Cassandre Dunbar

Cassandre was driven to provide information with social context, giving women of color tools to counteract the effects of sustained trauma within their communities. 

It’s an enormous task, but Cassandre already possesses two key ingredients for success: the background (a medical degree plus teaching experience), and a beginner’s mindset. A third sets her podcast above from the pack. She views self-care as both a personal and community-based responsibility, individual therapy as a tool for addressing our country’s racial reckoning. “We can use it to look in the mirror and see all the things that have been done – that are being done – that are harmful, not only for the marginalized communities but, really, for the greater community too.”

That’s how to use your platform socially, responsibly. 

Peace, love, and podcasting!

P.S. Check out my crossover interview with Cassandre for The Creative Impostor!

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