PE020: Stop trying to give your audience value, Harris of Sleep Whispers

PE020: Stop trying to give your audience value, Harris of Sleep Whispers

Are you having trouble falling asleep? I’d like to introduce you to, Harris, Host of the Sleep Whispers podcast, whispered ramblings and readings to help you sleep. You know… ASMR stuff!

I’ve been featured, or, rather, guided meditations I’ve written have been whispered by Harris on his show. The latest one is here (episode 123 Fade Out!)

But if you can’t go to sleep JUST yet, these podcasting tips from Harris will help give you something to think about during your waking hours…

#1 – Regardless of what other podcasters tell you, you can’t “give” your audience value.  

The value of your podcast content is determined by each listener, they will decide if it has value.  The analogy is like saying you are going to tell a funny joke. Nope, each person who hears a joke decides if it is funny to them.  The important message here is to ask for feedback and listen to any you get, that is the only way you will know if your content has value (or if your jokes are funny).


#2 – Before experimenting with multiple microphones, experiment with microphone technique.  

Test how speaking angle, speaking distance, recorder gain, pop filters, and the room itself affect your recording quality.  Anyone can make a great microphone sound bad, and sometimes you can make a “cheap” microphone sound great. Do the experiments to know if it is you or the microphone.


#3 – Don’t focus on your number of downloads but the trend line of your downloads.  

If your downloads keep increasing on a regular basis then that is a measure of success.  Listeners with high download numbers have been doing it for a loooong time. Your initial numbers are just slow growing seeds.  Graph out your download progress to predict your future download numbers then put in the regular work if you want to reach those numbers.

Harris, I couldn’t agree more!

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