Social Impact & Podcasting with Elsie Escobar

Social Impact & Podcasting with Elsie Escobar

It’s entirely possible that I wouldn’t be here, doing this, at least not in this specific way, if not for today’s guest, Elsie Escobar.

This episode is for you if you have ever wondered whether, why and how your show matters despite stats and downloads.

Elsie has been immersed in the field of podcasting since 2006, when she first began with Elsie’s Yoga Class, which has been downloaded over 4 million times. She currently co-hosts She Podcasts, both a podcast and the largest online community for women podcasters, as well as produces and co-hosts The Feed, Libsyn’s official podcast (Libsyn = the podcasting host I always use and recommend.) 

Most recently, Elsie created a mentoring program called the E-League for impact driven podcasters around the central question…


Elsie Escobar, The E-League

I could not imagine a series on Podcasting & Social Impact without including Elsie’s voice & expertise. This episode is JAM-PACKED so you’ll want to make a good cup of tea, grab a cozy blanked, a pen and a notebook and listen in to see what thoughts and ideas come to your mind.

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In this episode…

Elsie mentions an art exhibit about a book and a brick wall. I’ve become fascinated with the artist, Jorge Mendez Blake. Here’s the piece.

The piece is Chapter VI – The Castle. Here’s some good commentary on his work.

Elsie also gives a DEEP DIVE case study analysis of the strategic success of a show called Pantsuit Politics. Check it out here.

And she mentions that YOU can email me anytime with feedback, suggestions, resources, ideas, questions. That the best of podcasts have an easy way to engage with listeners. It’s true! Here’s my email andrea [at]

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