Who REALLY likes networking anyway?

Who REALLY likes networking anyway?

Have you ever had an experience where seemingly unrelated chapters of your life magically blend together in a moment of perfect clarity? 

A cartoon lightbulb clicks on over your head and the sound “ah-ha…” slowly escapes your lips as you nod your head and smile.

Final-Women-in-Travel-Summit-small-copy1Today I’m in Boston, gearing up for the 2nd annual Women in Travel Summit. I’m thinking about “networking”… where’s the best place to put my brand spankin’ new business cards, which outfit will make people want to talk to me, and whether or not I actually need to bring my laptop downtown, how long my iPhone battery will last…

And when I focus in on all those details, I kinda dread going. I actually start to feel sleepy (one of my favorite avoidance tactics when I don’t want to think about something.)

That feeling of dread is what inspired my good friend and stellar life coach Katy Flatau of Mindful-U and I (assisted by media producer Edwin R. Ruiz) to create two video quickies for the conference attendees. Summit Founder Beth Santos had asked us to put together a training that would bridge the conference experience with continued connection, engagement and momentum for the community.

We brainstormed about how to reach the most conference goers and suddenly this vision dawned on me like a message from heaven.

It made perfect sense because all the ingredients were there:

  • Mindfulness & meditation training
  • Public speaking experience
  • Our mutual insatiable love for travel
  • My video production degree (that I often wonder what to do with)

Harmonious Loft Video StudioAnd so we turned my loft into a production studio for the day, invited Beth over, hired my sister to be our stylist, brought in our crew and made these!

Our mission is to eliminate the shadows of impostor syndrome by addressing how to prepare for and follow up after the weekend (and any conference or networking event) in a way that taps into your personal authenticity, passion, and purpose.

AND I can see a vision of how the myriad fragments of my past experiences and fields of study are assembling themselves into a valuable service that I can confidently offer to the world! Now that makes me excited to attend the summit.

Mindful-U’s Guide to the Women in Travel Summit 2015 from BigROBOTmedia on Vimeo.