Podcast PreSeason 004: Podcast Therapy & a Mantra for You

Listening to podcasts is like therapy for me and I recommend it for you to!

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Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Where I teach Kids Yoga: Little Beans Cafe & Playspace, Chicago
Definitely have an 8-week session happening September/October 2015 — check their class & events schedule for more.

My Kirtan Band: The Bhakti Caravan

Here’s the podcast & mantra that’s running through my mind, a gift for you…


Suddhosi Buddhosi niranjanosi
samsara maya parivarjitosi
samsara svapnam tyaja moha nidra
Nanjama mrityor
Tat sat swaroopay
You are forever pure
You are forever true
And the dreams of this world
Can never touch you
So give up your attachments
And give up your confusions
And fly to that space that’s
Beyond all illusions . . .

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