Podcast PreSeason 005: Surviving One Impostor Moment with Corporate Meditation

I had a HUGE impostor moment today preparing to teach meditation to a new corporate client and it was all over… well… what to WEAR!

Hear how I worked it out here…

Companies are getting hip to meditation and mindfulness training to increase productivity, health, engagement, and happiness for their employees… slowly but surely.

Some quotes from fancy business people…


“Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.”

~Arianna Huffington, President & Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

“Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy — physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually — requires refueling it intermittently.”

~Tony Schwartz, Founder & CEO, The Energy Project

“It’s almost like a reboot for your brain and your soul… It makes me so much calmer when I’m responding to e-mails later.”

~Padmasree Warrior, CTO, Cisco Systems

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had… Meditation has given me centeredness and creativity. t’s also given me peace and health.”

~Ray Dalio, Founder & Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates USA

“No creativity will ever happen in the future or the past, only in the present. It’s a jolt that takes you off guard and takes away the future and past… I’ve been starting companies, rehabilitating brands and promoting artists for over 30 years now and I can promise you that no tool has made me a smarter, more focused and clearer thinking entrepreneur than meditation.”

~Russell Simmons, Co-Founder, Def Jam Records; Founder ofGlobalGrind.com; Creator of the Meditation Made Simple app for iOS

“I walked away feeling fuller than when I’d come in. Full of hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy. Knowing for sure that even in the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction, there is — still — the constancy of stillness. Only from that space can you create your best work and your best life.”

~Oprah Winfrey, Chairwoman & CEO, Harpo Productions, Inc.

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