009: Travel, Service, Gratitude

009: Travel, Service, Gratitude

“Even with limited resources, we really are in a position where we have the power to make positive change in the world around us.”
~Andrea Klunder, regarding a service project in El Salvador

Leche y Libros Day at the elementary in El Rodeo, El Salvador

Post-Thanksgiving, are you still flexing that “gratitude muscle” or are you all thankful-ed out?

This episode is inspired by my conversation with Kathryn Pisco of Unearth the World in Episode #8. 

Click any of the photos in this post to hop over to my Tumblr where you can see more travel images. India is toward the beginning (Nov/Dec 2012 in the Archive), Costa Rica is May/June 2013, New Orleans March/April 2014)… El Salvador and France were in the pre-digital camera days!

But you can see a few from when I was 16 all the way at the bottom of this post!

Check out Kathryn’s company, Unearth the World, here!

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“When I can disconnect from all of these modern day technological trappings, I feel so much MORE connected to my own internal wisdom, to my own internal sense of purpose.”
~Andrea Klunder, reflecting on being on retreat in the Costa Rican rain forest

Andrea Costa Rica Dolphin
Dolphin Pose on the Pacific in Costa Rica

Editing my episode with Kathryn inspired me to reflect upon my own travel experiences and how each one has uniquely directed, altered, or inspired the course of my life. I think traveling, especially internationally, and even more specifically to developing countries, gives us the following gifts:

  • Resourcefulness — to come face to face with our own inner strength, wits and courage when being catapulted out of the comfort zone and into the unknown,
  • Perspective — to take a deep breath, see the bigger picture, and make more skillful choices in the present to navigate our future,
  • Compassion — a genuine desire to be of service in our communities near and far,
  • Gratitude — to recognize both the abundance and the opportunities for growth in our own lives.

“It is key for you as a creative individual to experience things that are outside of your daily reality, to take yourself outside of the habits that you have, out of your known environment, out of your comfort zone to explore new ways of being.” ~Andrea Klunder

Listen to this episode to find out how!

Links from the episode:

Andrea India Kerala
Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India

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Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone w/ Kathryn Pisco: Episode #8

Unearth the World – promoting service-learning by pairing volunteers with international non-profits



NOLA Jazz!]



Our first Creative Space Travel Retreat to New Orleans is in the works! Get the inside scoop…




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The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

Age 16 fresh off my first international flight in FRANCE!

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