012: Toolkit: The Paper Planner

012: Toolkit: The Paper Planner

“The director’s most reliable tool may be his capacity to be bored.” ~Peter Brook, The Open Door

I got bored with my podcast.

It’s taken me a MONTH to publish a new episode of The Creative Impostor.

I have so many wonderful interviews with inspiring guests languishing on my laptop, waiting to be edited, formatted and shared with YOU!

So what’s the hold up?

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“‘I don’t have time’ really means ‘I haven’t prioritized it highly enough to allocate time for it.'” ~Andrea Klunder

So excited to announce that this episode is the FIRST in a series called The Creative Impostor Toolkit — all my favorite practical and energetic tools to assist you along your blissfully challenging and rewarding creative journey!

This first tool is in the practical category, selected to combat the excuse I hear (and sometimes hear mySELF saying), “I don’t have time!”

Listen to Episode 12 of The Creative Impostor to find out what I LOVE about this Day Planner above & beyond any other I’ve tried (and way more than Google Calendar!)

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A creative impostor challenge for you!

Yoda PumpkinWhat are you NOT getting done in your creative life & work right now?

When do you hear yourself saying “But I don’t have time?”

I’d love to hear from YOU!

Send me a voicemail and tell me what you WOULD do if only you had more time or how you’re learning to master your schedule and make time for more of what you want.

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