013: Toolkit: Yoga Nidra (Relaaaaax…)

013: Toolkit: Yoga Nidra (Relaaaaax…)

“I didn’t know or understand what was happening or why — I was just doing downward dog and shoulder stand and feeling… better.” ~Andrea, on yoga practice

What if you had a direct line to uncovering your life’s purpose?

One of my favorite things to do in my life and work is to take potentially weird, esoteric or “out there” concepts and ideas, explore and test them with what I like to call “open minded skepticism” and then translate and share them with people who might not otherwise seek them out, but can REALLY make use of them.

So, let me give this one a try!

Whereas the Paper Planner I featured in the previous episode is about as down-to-earth practical as one can get, today’s tool, a technique called Yoga Nidra, is about as far on the other end of the spectrum as possible.

And while it may sound a little woo-woo to some, I’m going to strongly encourage you to keep an open mind and maybe even try it out for yourself as it can be an incredibly useful and in some ways easy method to gain direct access to your own inner well of deep creativity, and at the very least, an excellent way to truly relax and let go of stress… who couldn’t use some of that?

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“‘Creativity is directly proportionate to the ability to produce imagery in great abundance in the brain. This resource of imagery allows us to access the deeper layers of the mind which often contain solutions to problems we think we have to look outward to find.” ~Andrea Klunder

How to get some Yoga nidra in your life

  1. February – April 2016 – Come take my class in Chicago! Saturdays at 5pm, Moksha Yoga, West Bucktown
  2. Follow me on Periscope! I’ll be sharing some yoga nidra practices on live streaming video this winter/spring.
  3. Download the original yoga nidra visualization I fell in love with for FREE, right now!

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A creative impostor challenge for you!

Yoda PumpkinReady to experiment with tapping into your own deepest creative resource?

I’d love to hear from YOU!

Download & listen to a yoga nidra practice — once or many times, mine or someone else’s and let me know what you observe.

Send me a voicemail and tell me what your experience was like during the practice, immediately after or in the week following. 

Just click the tab on the right of the screen. A little window will pop up and once you hit record, you can leave me a 90 second message that I can include on a future episode of the creative impostor. Include your name, business and website if you have one or you can just say you’d like it to be an anonymous story.

And if voicemail isn’t really your thing, you can also email me by clicking the contact page.

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