028: Heal your heart, Lysa Black

028: Heal your heart, Lysa Black

“I believe the role of an empath is that of a healer, a bringer of truth. someone that has reclaimed their own truth and can create space for other people to be able to more deeply connect with their own truth as well.” ~Lysa Black

Emotions are communication from our own soul.

I met Lysa through the Singularity Circle, a mastermind of creative feminine entrepreneurs facilitated by Isabelle Rizo from episode 026.

When I first received Lysa’s 2nd book Divine Purpose, I was thinking okay… here comes the “woo woo,” but it’s actually so grounded in her personal experience AND the experiences of clients with whom she has worked over the years.

And then when we did our interview, we had so many technical difficulties with Skype connections and internet and microphones and delays, well, I wasn’t sure what we were going to end up with AND it took me a long while to edit the interview. It turns out the timing was perfect. I re-listened post-U.S. presidential election, during which I had a disturbing and unusually intense emotional response (which you’ll hear about in the episode) and what Lysa shares helped me to figure out what the heck was going on with me!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to know whether you are an empath or highly sensitive person and what to do with that
  • Repeating patterns and habits that stem from past trauma and how they show up in our present lives
  • Heart healing to move beyond those traumas and habits
  • Lysa’s own struggles with disordered eating, anxiety, attracting romantic relationships, and impostor syndrome
  • Using our shadow side as a guide, a friend to point us in the right direction
  • The difference between ego and intuition
  • Lysa’s path to stepping into her own power and path as a healer and author of two wonderful books

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Lysa Black

Heart Healer & Author, Highly Sensitive Empath.

Lysa broke down at 23 as anxiety induced binge eating forced her to leave her job. Unresolved pain from the past flooded her awareness, leaving Lysa unable to deal with her own emotional volatility and high level of sensitivity. Lysa’s heart ache was her initiation into self healing, as she opened to her intuition she was guided to heal her anxiety, binge eating and pattern of break-ups to find deep self-trust & self-love.

Lysa is devoted to serving the highly sensitive, deeply feeling intuitives and empaths who are seeking experienced guidance to support, soften and speed their self healing journey.

With an undergraduate degree in world politics, Lysa has been devoted to global peace from an early age. She completed her Life Coaching Certification in 2008 and for 8 years she has coached and guided women to create in reality what their hearts long. Lysa’s first self-published book “Heart Healing: 13 principles of emotional self healing” debuted at #4 in its category on kindle amazon. This book marked a monumental shift in her work as she came out of the ‘gifted’ closet to utilise her high sensitivity, intuitive knowing and empathic awareness to discern wounding and offering personally calibrated strategies for healing shifts. Lysa has an innate gift to re-unite others with their truth. Healing miracles always manifest for Lysa’s clients to confirm their healing within.

In 2016, Lysa released her second self-published book: “Divine Purpose: 13 principles of ascension” debuted at #1 in its category on kindle and amazon. In this book Lysa uses the chakra system to illustrate the power of emotional healing through inspiring real life client stories. Lysa lives on an orchard in the rich lays of northern New Zealand with her loving husband and two beautiful children.

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