036: Transform the trauma, Monica Martin

036: Transform the trauma, Monica Martin

“We are so in a reactive mode, in our heads, trying to make meaning… we don’t allow ourselves time just to slow down and notice what is happening right now.” ~Monica Martin

The process of becoming who we are…

Monica Martin is the woman you want with you whenever you’re feeling uncertain. Her presence and incredibly soothing voice always give me the feeling that everything is going to be okay — or even better than okay. AND in this interview Monica shares how to tap into and trust that grounding, connected energy within yourself through meditation, visualization, “felt-sense” experiencing in your body, process art and… boxing!

“Boxing has been one of THE biggest parts of my healing… it’s so important that, especially now, people find a way to express their emotions in a physical activity… because it helps you actually transmute the emotions and it helps you find your own way of expression.” ~Monica Martin

Resources & Links…

Monica’s 7-day exploration: Discover your inner (re)sources
Includes guided meditation, creative expression, body/felt sense intuition, etc and it’s free! Get the details & start here.

Charlotte Elea’s Exclusive Daily Tarot Package for The Creative Impostor Community! – Includes e-course, your own tarot deck in the mail AND a 30min intuitive session with Charlotte. Get the details & sign up here.

Isabelle Rizo’s Singularity Circle (where Monica and I met) – learn how use your story to step into visionary leadership and get the 5 day storytelling challenge. Tell Isabelle I sent you.

Podcast Envy Learn 5 ways to grow your reach with podcasting and maybe even launch your own podcast.

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Chicago Offline Community – Chicago Women’s Creative Collective

“I’m watching our leaders… and I’m having such a sense of compassion because I am watching them as humans and I’m seeing the struggles — mental struggles and psychological and emotional reactionary things that are happening — AND I’m also saying that what their actions are and what they’re doing is not okay WHILE still having compassion for them as a person.” ~Monica Martin

Monica Martin

Spiritual Embodiment Teacher

Monica is a Spiritual Embodiment Teacher, and she has truly dedicated her life and mission to supporting others through trauma recovery, healing, & embodied transformation, to live their fullest life’s expression and joy. She teaches her clients the gift of felt-sense intuition to work with their bodies as powerful tools to connect to their inner wisdom to guide their decisions, words, and actions with integrity. The work teaches others how to transform their states of being to make quantum shifts in their lives to be empowered change-makers in the world. Her work blends together body awareness, transpersonal psychology, spiritual guidance, and intuition.

Her path has been full and rich, and taught her a range of tools to integrate into the work. She calls forth the different aspects of herself to best support her students and clients – Intuitive, Psychologist, Anointing Priestess, Medicine Woman, Embodied Mystic, and Earthy Mamma. Continually, she holds the space with conscious love and grace, playful curiosity, and warm compassion.

This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
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