038: Revisit Nikki Nigl: Make a list

038: Revisit Nikki Nigl: Make a list

“There is no wrong answer. The right answer is YOUR answer… It goes back to listening… it’s not just about listening with your ears, but listening with your heart.” ~Nikki Nigl

The power of podcasting, the potential of social media…

If you have been listening to The Creative Impostor from day 1 (sometime in 2015), then:

a) YOU ARE MY HERO!!! HUZZAH!!!!! Seriously, thank you, and…

b) you have heard a version of this episode before (episode #2 with Nikki Nigl) and can skip directly to thecreativeimpostor.com/magic where you can get started on my How to Start (anything) audio course to help you start whatever creative project or endeavor you need help starting or re-starting if you’ve gotten stuck.

Make sense?

Just do it!

And if you have never listened to my interview with Nikki Nigl in episode 2, or if you can’t remember the brilliant words of wisdom from the lips of this dynamic, women’s empowHERment coach, then tune in! I have re-edited our conversation to include the MOST relevant, most engaging, most entertaining bits of our talk.

And I have to say it’s pretty interesting to go back and listen to one of my early interviews and see how much EVERYTHING has changed and grown and improved about the way I interview and the way I edit.

Back then, I really had no idea what I was doing and I felt like a total impostor when I interviewed Nikki b/c actually we had never even met in real life. I had been cyberstalking her (in the most benevolent way) b/c I caught sight of this event series that she produces called About Women through mutual Facebook friends.

See Facebook IS good for some things!

And to my surprise and delight, she agreed to do an interview with me even though I had not yet launched the podcast and she had no idea who on earth I was.

Thanks for taking a leap of faith, Nikki!

Since that time in 2015, I have attended many of her About Women events, spoken at at LEAST four of them, used her Question of the Day in her Facebook group as a journal/self-study prompt I have no idea how often, have marched for women’s solidarity in Washington DC with her and I’m sure in another 2 year’s time, I will be able to add many more connections and interactions with Nikki to this list.

I want to say that this is the power of podcasting, the potential of social media — to create community in new and unexpected ways.

And this is what The Creative Impostor has been becoming!

I want to extend that same opportunity to you.

Listen to Nikki’s story about how she has started so many things (including About Women) by concentrating on the “what” rather than the how… which is the inspiration for step one of the How to Start (anything) audio course.

Then get the course, listen to step one, make a big old list of EVERYTHING you want to do or create in work or in life, and then share it with us in The Creative Impostor FB group, and who knows what new connections, collaborations, business, and creative works will come to be as a result.

We begin by discussing what Nikki does in her “real job “ as a women’s empowHERment coach. And yes, she DOES get paid for this… you’ll see when you listen to her interview.

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Nikki Nigl (rhymes with eagle) has lived coast to coast, drawing inspiration and following her own simple credo, “to enjoy life to the fullest,” and aspires to help others do the same.

Possessed by her Midwest sensibility, West Coast calm and East Coast edge, Nikki has dedicated her life to motivating the masses with a no-nonsense but understanding approach. She’s qualified as a Public Speaking Instructor, Accountability Coach, Relationship Guru, Female EmpowHERment Coach (via public speaking), Life Manager, Weight-loss Coach, and overall cheerleader. Nikki says simply: “I will make your life better and easier.” And probably more fun.

Her list of accomplishments include talking Catwoman down from a ledge, showing Morticia Addams the bright side of things, and fielding calls from June Cleaver — Nikki’s the reason Bridget Jones even has a diary! (Now if she could only get Hello Kitty to smile.)

Loyal believer, role model, friend, artist, teacher, and always a student, Nikki is also a rarity and a treasure — and wants you to know that you are too.

Nikki’s Education/Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts in Adult Training and Development from Northeastern Illinois University
  • Master of Arts in Communication, Media, and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University
  • FoundHER/ CEO/ProduceHER/Host of ABOUT WOMEN series
  • Adjunct Professor at Northeastern Illinois University
  • Adult Education Assistant at Chicago Botanic Gardens
  • Emcee/host for TEDxNEIU 2014
  • TEDxNEIU Speaker 2015 (The ABCs of How Women Are Socialized)
  • Public Speaking Skills coach for TED Talk speakers
  • Coach for Dale Carnegie Training, focus on human relation skills
  • Weight-loss coach for Weight Watchers


This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

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