2018 Studio Memberships Now Open!

2018 Studio Memberships Now Open!

You don’t have to do this alone!

Do you ever feel isolated — like you’re creating in a vacuum and longing for someone to engage with your work?

Are you craving connection with other women who are taking risks, thinking outside of the box and designing a creative lifestyle?

Have you been feeling like an impostor and need some accountability, support and motivation (i.e. swift kick in the pants) to boost your confidence and find your creative groove?

I have definitely experienced ALL of these feelings. It’s why I created the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective FIVE YEARS AGO (OMG) in 2012 and why I started The Creative Impostor in 2015. Because I was looking for connection, community, someone who really could understand what the #*!@ was going on in my entrepreneurial, overstimulated, artistic, impostor brain.

I didn’t want to hang out in bars (and blow all my financial resources with nothing to show for it), I didn’t want to self-segregate into one category (just yoga teachers or only podcasters or simply writers) to the exclusion of all my other creative passions.

I didn’t want to feel competitive, less than, or alone.

And in this growing community, I don’t.

I LOVE our Chicago members who have been attending a sprinkling of Idea Brunches, Artist Salons and Co-Working sessions, along with social outings to support each other, clothing swaps and more.

I am INSPIRED by our growing global community in the Facebook Group who have been showing up for Facebook Lives, listening to the podcast and sharing their online program offerings.

I HEAR you asking for more opportunities to connect. I hear our global community feeling jealous of our Chicago events.

And I am FEELING called to expand, yet again. And I want to do it while taking care of MYSELF (something I don’t always consider when creating something new.) I want to make sure I’m offering a sustainable model for building community that supports you and honors my own time and effort.

So I THINK I’ve got a good plan that you’re going to LOVE!

For a limited time, I am now offering 2018 Studio Memberships for The Creative Impostor (online only) and the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective (in Chicago with an online element.)


2018?! It feels so far away!!!!


How are you going to complete that creative vision you’ve been dreaming of?
Who are you going to intentionally surround yourself with?
When are you going to dedicate time to your artistic process?
And why keep going when it gets tough or overwhelming or your impostor voice starts throwing an existential tantrum?

Now is the time to design your creative support plan. Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Get the details and reserve your membership here.

There are 4 different Studio Memberships available, 3 in Chicago and 1 online. Each membership has a limited number of spaces and priority registration for all of our Chicago Idea Brunch and Artist Gallery events will be given to Studio Members. Single tickets to these events will be sold if any spaces remain.

Check out the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective on Meetup here.

Join The Creative Impostor Facebook Group here.