052: Discover your magic, Tonya Gonzalez, Tarot Life Coach, Woo Woo Witchcraft

052: Discover your magic, Tonya Gonzalez, Tarot Life Coach, Woo Woo Witchcraft

“Women are ready to speak their voices, raise their voices, lift their voices because we’ve been quiet for too long. We are ready stop the destruction of the world. We’re ready to heal these conversations around money and finances. We’re ready to heal these conversations about having your period. It is a part of our life. Please deal with it… look at it, understand it. It’s not going away.” ~Tonya Gonzalez

Take off the impostor mask, show your true self…

I’ve been following Tonya Gonzalez on social media for a while — connected by a mutual friend, both in life and in spirit, we are definitely fans of each other’s crafts!

Tonya calls herself a tarot life coach, using her psychic gifts, tarot cards, crystals, essential oils, incantations and spells to support her coaching practice and clients. In this episode, she tells the incredible story of how she went from bussing and waiting tables at a restaurant in Key West, to being voted the #3 psychic in the world on a hit reality TV show in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tonya even does a LIVE tarot reading for me about money — a perfect segue to her new book, “The Little Book of Woo Woo: Prayers, Incantations & Spells for Loot, Love & Life.”

“Prayer really works. Prayer heals. Prayer is a salve. Prayer has been my teacher and my guidance through every adventure I’ve had. Prayer has been how I’ve traveled all over the world.” ~Tonya Gonzalez

Resources & Links

“The Little Book of Woo Woo”

Tonya’s program “Divine With Me” Tarot Lessons + Intuition Development + Spiritual Practice.

“The School of Bewitchery” Membership, Mastermind & Mentoring.

Learn to “Use Your Magic”. DIY Lessons, Rituals & Spells for Everyday Magic!

The Creative Impostor Magic page! Get a special gift from Andrea here.

Power Your Story — Created by my high school student podcast mentees!!!

“I believe that all women are brujas and witches… we are the reincarnated women that were burned at the stake… we remember being burned for our power. That’s why it is so important to empower ourselves. That’s why Mama Earth is awakening now because she’s done with the impostor of the patriarchy running things because before it was the Goddess.”~Tonya Gonzalez

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About Tonya Gonzalez

“I went from coffee shop in 2009 when I first came out with my brand… to TV star in Europe in three years.” ~Tonya Gonzalez

With over two decades of study, Tonya Gonzalez brings you her gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship, energy healing and crystal therapy. All with her beloved Tarot and oracle cards, intuitive gifts & divine guidance.

Tonya has been voted #3 Psychic in the World. She is a Tarot Expert, International Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher and Priestess.

She is growing the Woo Woo Witchcraft brand & products, teaching in “The School of Bewitchery” and developing an Oracle & Tarot Decks. Tonya offers confidential, intuitive life and spiritual counseling.

She currently lives in central Mexico with her husband, Artist & Tarot Deck Co-Creator, Guillermo Gonzalez, her daughter, Miana Melendez and their four cats.

This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
The Creative Impostor theme music was created by JoVia Armstrong.

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