051: Take a risk, solve a problem, learn something new, Nikki Ricks, FemiNest

051: Take a risk, solve a problem, learn something new, Nikki Ricks, FemiNest

“Failure is okay, and you learn so much from failure… you would never know that unless you actually took the risk.” ~Nikki Ricks

You don’t have to do this alone…

Nikki and I discovered each other at a creative women’s mentoring brunch, but we didn’t actually meet… until she reached out to me after the fact and NOW we are huge fans of each other and THAT is exactly what Nikki does — make connections.

Another thing she does really well is business branding and reinvention — which she just did! In the episode, you’re going to hear me talking about Gab Lab, and all of it is true but between our conversation and now, she has rebranded her creative coaching business to FemiNest and, well…  it’s a perfect new iteration of Nikki and everything she empowers her coaching clients to do.

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About Nikki Ricks

“Running a business is almost like athletics, where it’s 90% mental and 10% technical.” ~Nikki Ricks

Nikki is a business coach for creative women-owned businesses.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and master’s degree in urban planning, she was working at a Chicago architecture firm when she had her first daughter. Nikki wanted a more flexible way to work, which sparked the idea of creating a coworking space with in-house childcare. As she researched the market and held events at local coworking and play spaces, her favorite part of the business was meeting more of Chicago’s incredible, inspirational, powerful professional women and talking to them about their work.

She has been helping women get organized since implementing the rotating recess snack with her first-grade girl gang and overhauling friends’ rooms on play dates.

Now Nikki works at FemiNest, where her goal is to help build scalable businesses straight from the brains of female entrepreneurs. In her free time she mentors at 1871 and 2112. She loves goals, business models, to-do lists, brainstorming, efficiency, and getting you a freaking paycheck.

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