Be the Star of Your Show! How to Light Up Your Podcast Mic

Be the Star of Your Show! How to Light Up Your Podcast Mic

“We are very good at educating and informing. And what some of us forget about sometimes is that your podcast is a show.”

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

Wanna be a podcast star? 

Whether you have a positive or a negative connotation with “star,” whether that word gets you excited or that word makes you feel like meh… I promise that if you are podcasting; if you want to see results with your podcast; if you want to make a show that matters in the world, to your audience, to your people; a show that makes a difference; if you want to inspire your listeners and move them to action or move them to tears or get any kind of engagement with them whatsoever, this episode is exactly what you need to take it to the next level.

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Podcast Angels

Light Up Your Mic! Summer Pod-Star Coaching

Are you ready to find your light?

The #1 reason listeners choose to come back to a podcast over and over again to become a FAN is the host! 

In this 8-week coaching program, Andrea will help you differentiate from other shows in your niche by leaning into your unique lived experience, building podcast hosting skills, and strengthening your personal brand. Remember, we don’t need another Beyoncé, J.Lo, or Brené Brown — we need YOU. Light up your mic!

The next cohort begins August 2023 for 8 weeks. This is intended as an intimate group experience of only 3-5 members. When you register, we will reach out to create a schedule that works for the cohort.

“When we’re looking at celebrities who we admire, a lot of the times, what we see in them are qualities that we actually possess that are just being reflected back to us through them.”

Andrea Klunder

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I’m sharing a peek inside my signature 5-point plan to become the star of your show.

This was originally presented as a workshop during She Podcasts Live. And now I’m inviting you find out what you have in common with Beyoncé, Meryl Streep, Ali Wong, or J Lo. But also Brené Brown, Elise Myers, Kelsey McKinney…

And lest you think this is all strategy, I threw in a story from my pre-teen years (ahem…1990), a mistake I made as a baby podcaster (2015), and a pop quiz!

(Don’t worry… if you’ve been listening to the last 5 episodes of Podcast Envy, you’ll ace it!)

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